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  1. dragon sex ed
    Is Drogon the Last Dragon on Game of Thrones?Exploring the ins and outs of dragon gender and reproduction.
  2. dragons
    Migos’s Quavo Seems to Have Caught Fantasy FeverHow many dragons can you find?
  3. Game of Thrones’ Ice Dragon Is an IconOr zombie dragon, or whatever you want to call it.
  4. game of thrones
    What Will the Night King’s Ice Dragon Spew?What if it spews Emma Roberts’s “Surprise, bitch” GIF?
  5. game of thrones
    Just How Hard Is It to Kill a Dragon on Game of Thrones?A brief history of human-on-dragon warfare.
  6. Game of Thrones’ Dragon Battle Was the Highlight of Season 7 So FarIt’s the first battle since Blackwater without a clear rooting interest.
  7. game of thrones
    The New Game of Thrones Season 7 Photos Are So MetalThese could be press images from the best rock festival of the year.
  8. trailer mix
    New Great Wall Trailer: Matt Damon vs. MonstersThere sure are a lot of those … dragons? Lizards? Frog lions?
  9. take what is yours with right swipes and blood
    Emilia Clarke Is Wasting a Perfect Tinder Headline“Oh, honey, I can’t get on no internet [dating] site!”
  10. Making Game of Thrones Dragons Isn’t EasyTotally worth it. 
  11. ask an expert
    Game of Thrones: How to Chain Your DragonGet it? You get it.
  12. vulture lists
    Movie and TV Dragons on a Scale From Hot to NotSmaug might be the greatest movie dragon ever. But where do the rest fall?
  13. trailer mix
    New Maleficent Trailer: There Be DragonsIf the magic and cheekbones just weren’t enough.
  14. deep reads
    What Khaleesi Could Learn From George R.R. Martin’s New Dragon-Heavy StoryThe Princess and the Queen is a prequel set during the Targaryen Civil War, a.k.a. the Dance of the Dragons.
  15. tv
    Game of Thrones’ Dragon Creators Explain the Beasts’ Teenage EvolutionOne part angry swan, one part Jurassic Park.