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  1. Where to Find Amazing, Ultra-Rare Pokémon Go PokémonThe game takes the terrain into consideration. Use that knowledge to locate the most coveted Pokémon!
  2. It Took Two Months to Create This DrawingAnd it was painstakingly documented by the artist.
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    Drafting Darth Vader: Star Wars StoryboardsChewbacca, R2-D2, and C-3PO didn’t emerge fully formed from George Lucas’s brain in 1977.
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    Check Out Bryan Cranston Impressively Sketched in Ink Onto One Lady’s ThighNaturally, the drawing was posted on a site that delivers “dementia and nonsense for the masses.”
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    Read ‘Broship of the Rings,’ a Buddy Road-Trip RetellingThey’re not hipsters, just dudes.
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    See Some Fake-Picasso Superhero DrawingsInteresting. But how would Pablo do Bizzaro?
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    Kanye West and Bill Plympton, Together Again for the First TimeWe probably would’ve chosen Simon to illustrate this book, but that’s neither here nor there.