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Dreams Come True

  1. dreams come true
    Natasha Lyonne Got to Live Her Wildest Fantasy: Writing the NYT Crossword“I spend all of my time with the crossword, like an obscene amount of time.”
  2. dreams come true
    Ben Platt, Streisand, and Gwyneth Paltrow Might Star in Ryan Murphy Netflix ShowThe Politician will, of course, be a musical.
  3. dreams come true
    Watch Will Ferrell Sing ‘I Will Always Love You’ to a Crowd of College GraduatesThe high notes!
  4. dreams come true
    This Kid Played Onstage With Bruce Springsteen TwiceOnce in 2013 and again last week.
  5. dreams come true
    The Maya Rudolph Show Is Finally HappeningMay 19.
  6. dreams come true
    Sloth Show Finally Coming to TelevisionMeet the Sloths. Rejoice!