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  1. last night on late night
    John Mulaney Was Recently Plagued by a Rob Reiner Anxiety DreamIt involves cherry blossoms and acid-reflux medication for dogs.
  2. good one podcast
    Catherine Cohen, a DreamOn this week’s Good One podcast bonus episode, Catherine Cohen talks about a dream she had that freaked her out so much she had to sing about it.
  3. never give up
    Conan O’Brien Has Finally Landed His Dream InterviewAfter many years, Robert Caro has finally relented!
  4. dreams
    Ed Sheeran Wrote a James Bond Theme, Even Though Nobody Asked Him ToHe’s had the song on tap for three (!) years.
  5. dreams
    Zack Snyder Wants to Make 300-Style George Washington BiopicThe Hamilton boom is real.
  6. dreams
    How Long Should a TV Season Be?Longer.
  7. dreams
    Yes, Neil Patrick Harris Was Offered Late ShowBut he’d rather do a weekly variety show.
  8. Ryan Gosling Hired a Dream Expert for His MovieShe was brought on set to help the actors, Saoirse Ronan tells us.
  9. dreams
    Lena Dunham Wants to Be on ScandalMake it happen, world.
  10. dreams
    Five Current Shows That Need SpinoffsDownton needs a prequel. Bad.
  11. dreams
    We Need More Alternative Super Bowl ProgrammingSloth Bowl, anyone?
  12. dreams
    Five Musicals NBC Should Consider Staging NextAnd who should star in them.
  13. dreams
    Katy Perry Would Really Like to Be in Blade Runner 2We would watch this.
  14. dreams
    Kanye Is Still Working on That Jetsons Movie, Says KanyeAnd more lamps.
  15. dreams
    Alec Baldwin Wants to Be on PortlandiaJoin the club, dude.
  16. dreams
    Yvette Nicole Brown Wants a Muppet CommunityMake it so, new Community regime.
  17. business
    Diddy Dreams of Being Creepily Ubiquitous in People’s LivesUse Diddy products, from sunup to sundown!
  18. dreams
    Brett Ratner’s ‘Dream’ Is to Direct the Wicked MovieOh boy.
  19. questionable ideas
    Why Are There No Movies About Regular Dreams?Will the success of ‘Inception’ lead to movies about non-terrifying dreams?
  20. dreams
    Awesome Wish GrantedA dream came true recently for one 14-year-old British girl.