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Dreamworks Animation

  1. tv
    The Boss Baby Is Getting His Own Netflix SeriesComing to Netflix in 2018.
  2. animation domination
    Zootopia, Pixar, and the Animation LandscapeAnd don’t forget the ever-prolific DreamWorks.
  3. voice acting
    Kung Fu Panda 3 Enlists Bryan Cranston, Rebel WilsonYour kid loves them, right?
  4. schedules
    DreamWorks Animation Now Making Three Films a Year, Announces Twelve of ThemYou’re getting a How to Train Your Dragon sequel and threequel.
  5. money
    Foreigners Kill Monsters vs. Aliens 2“There was enough of a consensus from our distribution and marketing folks in certain parts of the world that we would be pushing a boulder up a hill.”
  6. the industry
    Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker Headed for the ClinkPlus: Shaq does comedy.
  7. the industry
    Ricky Gervais Is Punching InPlus: Summit Entertainment just can’t get enough of vampires.
  8. Monsters vs. Aliens Gets a Completely Justified Federal BailoutSeems perfectly reasonable to us!