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  1. drew’s news
    Drew Barrymore Refuses to Kink-Shame Megan Fox and MGKBarrymore likes that he got Fox an engagement ring with thorns that hurt if she takes it off.
  2. women in stem
    How Many Drew Barrymores Does It Take to Change a Light Switch?Just Drew Barrymore installing a light switch for over six minutes. Good TV.
  3. drew’s news
    David Letterman Pranked Drew Barrymore on Her Birthday and Made Her Weep“You’re actually crying! Oh, that breaks my heart. God bless you!”
  4. chickens
    Allow Drew Barrymore to Introduce You to Her Chickens“You can almost do anything to them when they’re laying eggs.”
  5. sing to a flower
    Drew Barrymore’s Cursed Flower Feeds Off the Human VoiceToday her show introduced a new “signature segment” called “Sing to a Flower.”
  6. snakes!
    Drew Barrymore Talking About Snake Eggs Will Either Make or Ruin Your DayIt’s Theater of the Absurd.