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  1. comedy review
    Drew Michael Gets in His Own WayIn Red Blue Green, the stand-up returns to the audience — but even he is not sure if he should.
  2. post comedy
    How Funny Does Comedy Need to Be?With Nanette, Atlanta, Eighth Grade, Drew Michael, and other similar serious comedies, are we entering the era of post-comedy?
  3. q&a
    Why Drew Michael Dropped the Audience for His HBO Special“There’s always something hypocritical to me about claiming to do this ‘brutally honest’ art form where you are entirely in control of every moment.”
  4. tv review
    Drew Michael’s HBO Special Will Make You Think About How Comedy WorksIt may not make you laugh, though.
  5. stand-up
    Drew Michael’s HBO Special, Directed by Jerrod Carmichael, Premieres Next MonthThis definitely doesn’t look like your typical stand-up special.
  6. On the Verge: Drew MichaelWelcome to our series On the Verge, where our contributors highlight comedians they feel are ready for their next big break. Whether they’re […]
  7. ‘Saturday Night Live’ Hires Drew Michael as a Weekend Update WriterA little over two weeks ago, Saturday Night Live hired seven new writers to the staff, and today the show confirmed another hire with us on the […]
  8. Getting Dark with Drew MichaelWhile watching New York comedian Drew Michael tape his Comedy Central Half Hour I couldn’t help but think that thirty minutes barely scratches […]