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Drinking Games

  1. fun and games
    Play the Twin Peaks Drinking GameFor best results, consume mass quantities of cherry pie beforehand.
  2. last night on late night
    If Only We Could All Play a Drinking Game With Taraji P. HensonDrinko!
  3. fun and games
    Play the Big Little Lies Drinking GameIdeally with fancy wines.
  4. girls
    Play a Girls Drinking Game (When the Show Returns)Can you see Adam’s torso? Drink!
  5. drinking games
    Mad Men vs. Game of Thrones: The Drink-OffDo NOT take a drink every time they take a drink.
  6. game of thrones
    Read the Rules of the Game of Thrones Drinking GameBut by the time another dragon spits fire, you might want switch to water.
  7. drinking games
    Cougar Town: The Most Pro-Alcohol Show on TVCourteney Cox and Co. love them some wine.