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Due Date

  1. Zach Galifianakis’ Risky Superstar YearIn eight years, Zach Galifianakis had gone from piano-accompanied non-sequiturs on Comedy Central Presents – where he wowed us with a routine […]
  2. talk
    Review Due Date in One Sentence“Because he’s dead, Peter.”
  3. Why Comedy Movies Aren’t Very FunnyIt’s Robert Downey Jr’s opening monologue of Due Date. I know the actor, but I don’t know his character. And as he rants on about a baby names […]
  4. your box office explained
    Box Office: Everybody Wins! (But Especially Megamind)Good news for ‘127 Hours,’ too.
  5. zach galifianakis
    Thirty-Five Highlights From Zach Galifianakis’s Never-Ending Press Tour“I was eating a lot of pot cookies at the time. I could’ve been a little bit more professional.”
  6. clickables
    Hear Zach Galifianakis Give Two and a Half Men a Shout-out in a New Due Date ClipHere’s hoping Galifianakis and Downey Jr. become the 21st century’s Hope and Crosby.
  7. movie review
    Movie Review: The Formulaic Due Date Is Better Than It Should BeDowney’s pitch-perfect deadpan and the seemingly delusional Galifianakis put the movie over.
  8. New Due Date Trailer Features Danny McBride, Matt Walsh, HijinxHere’s the second full trailer for Due Date, featuring a lot of new footage not in the previous one. Highlights include cameos by Matt Walsh […]
  9. recycling
    Bourne, SATC, and the 3 Other Most Aped Formulas’The Hangover,’ ‘Friends,’ and ‘Lost.’
  10. trailer mix
    Due Date Trailer; or, Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr. Go Road-trippingFrom the director of ‘The Hangover.’
  11. gossip
    Robert Downey Jr. Knows a Guy Who Makes Masks for CelebritiesZach Galifianakis shares a Hollywood legend passed down to him by RDJ.
  12. the industry
    If Sean Penn Can’t Do It, Josh Brolin CanPlus: Jamie Foxx! Flava Flav! The Ramones!
  13. the industry
    Robert Downey Jr. Hits the Road With Zach GalifianakisPlus: The-Dream is retiring.
  14. the industry
    Mel Gibson Getting Into PuppetryPlus: Lohan! Deschanel! Heder!