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  1. fugging it up
    The Fug Girls Rate Julia Roberts’s Movies on their Grinning, Brassy … Julia-nessA 5 is perfect (’Pretty Woman’) while a 10 slips into too much pure Julia, which tilts over into smug (’Notting Hill’).
  2. rants
    Is Nicolas Cage America’s Sweetheart?It sure as heck ain’t Julia Roberts!
  3. decisions decisions decisions
    Duplicity vs. The International: How Should You Allocate Your Clive Owen Budget?You can thank us later!
  4. comebacks
    You Remember Julia Roberts, Don’t You?How will audiences react to a big movie star like Julia Roberts in these ‘Blart’-ish times that we’re living in?
  5. the industry
    They Are Actually Trying to Convince Ryan Gosling to Play Jack RyanPlus: Laurence Fishburne has never made a bad movie.
  6. the industry
    Joss Whedon Returns to TV — and Brings Faith With HimPlus industry news on Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, Meryl Streep and Julia Child, and Mulder and Scully.