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  1. now streaming
    You Can Stream the DVD Screen-Saver on YouTubeWall hits: 24,031; corner hits: 43
  2. deleted scenes
    This Nathan for You Deleted Scene Won’t Bring the Show Back But It’s Still FunnyNathan and Bill take in a little football.
  3. gift guide
    A 2018 DVD Gift Guide for Movie LoversCriterion releases, recent indie hits, and family-friendly fare.
  4. ‘Key and Peele: The Complete Series’ DVD Set Is Out on August 2ndIn just a few months, you can get your very own Key and Peele: The Complete Series DVD set. Available on Tuesday, August 2nd, the set includes […]
  5. dvd commentary
    Who’s Going to Buy The Force Awakens on DVD?Selling discs in the Age of Streaming.
  6. Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: ‘Weeds’ Season 8Weeds Season 8 comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray this week. Season 8 was actually finally the final season of Weeds so this DVD is all there is […]
  7. Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: ‘Celeste and Jesse Forever’Last summer’s comedy-drama Celeste and Jesse Forever, written by Rashida Jones and Will McCormack and starring Jones and Andy Samberg as the […]
  8. gone too soon
    Watch a Deleted Scene From the Late, Great Men of a Certain AgeWe consider Hank on Parenthood basically an extension of this show.
  9. at long last
    China Beach Is Finally Coming to DVDJoy.
  10. dvds
    Check It Out! With Steve Brule Explores VeganismJohn C. Reilly as you’ve sometimes seen him before …
  11. shopping guide
    Vulture Recommends: If You Still Buy DVDs, You Should Buy TheseNot everything can be streamed!
  12. matt zoller seitz
    Seitz Asks: What Special Feature Do You Wish DVDs Had?TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz would like to see a feature that allowed you to play a string of episodes as if they were one long megaepisode.
  13. vulture recommends
    Vulture Recommends: DVDs, Catch-up EditionMiranda Siegel picks from this week’s DVD releases.
  14. girl with the dragon tattoo
    See The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo DVD That’s Confusing PeopleAnd you thought the whole Netflix/Quickster thing was confusing!
  15. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: Supersize ItNew York’s Miranda Siegel picks five giant DVDs.
  16. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: DVDs on the Real and the Pseudo-RealMiranda Siegel picks from this week’s DVD releases.
  17. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: Criterion Collection, for the WinNew York’s Miranda Siegel gives her picks for the week’s best DVD releases.
  18. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: It’s Kate Winslet DayDVD picks from Miranda Siegel.
  19. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: The Tuesday After ChristmasNew York’s Miranda Siegel with DVDs that’ll snap you right out of the holidays.
  20. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: It’s a Director’s GameMiranda Siegel’s weekly roundup of new DVDs.
  21. vulture recommends
    Today in Vulture Recommends: Complicated Relationships, Now on DVDFive twisty ones from Miranda Siegel.
  22. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: A Cornucopia of New DVDsOne turkey, twelve angry men, and Scream 4, from Miranda Siegel.
  23. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: Indies and Classics, Now Out on DVDMiranda Siegel gives her weekly picks.
  24. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: Four Docs and a Rom-ComThe five best of this week’s DVD releases.
  25. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: Happy Holiday DVDs From FinlandMiranda Siegel picks the five best DVDs coming out today.
  26. dvd
    Upon Head’s Blu-ray Release, Two Monkees Disagree on Its WorthMicky Dolenz loves the surreal 1968 curio, while Peter Tork says it’s “extremely bleak.”
  27. clickables
    Watch the Trailer for Mean Girls 2No Lohan, no McAdams, and no Fey.
  28. contests
    Vulture’s Apocalypse Now Blu-ray Contest: We Have Winners!“A grocer’s Errand Boy … Snail across Razor … “
  29. contests
    Vulture’s Glee DVD Contest: We Have Winners!’Glee’ really should do “All By Myself.”
  30. contests
    Vulture Contest: Win Season One of GleeAnd beef up on ‘Glee’ just in time for the season-two premiere.
  31. Bill Hicks Essential Collection Is Coming Next TuesdayBill Hicks was one of the best stand-ups of the last few decades until he tragically died of pancreatic cancer in 1994 at the age of 32. And […]
  32. contests
    Vulture Contest: Win the Complete Prime Suspect DVD SetAnd enjoy lots of Helen Mirren.
  33. your dvd calendar
    New DVDs: Orson! Dexter! The Next Peter Parker!Even when Richard Linklater’s films don’t click, there’s always at least one performance that makes it all worthwhile.
  34. your dvd calendar
    The DVD Queue: Tina Fey, R. Crumb, and M-M-Max Headroom!Also out: A definitively weird portrait of once-underground comics legend R. Crumb and his deeply strange family.
  35. lost
    The Lost Epilogue Is Here!Food drops, Walt’s whereabouts, and polar bears — explained!
  36. your dvd calendar
    The DVD Queue: A Jock, a Prep, a French-Arab Gangsta, and a Piranha!One of the most perfect lines in B-movie history: “People eat fish, Grogan. Fish don’t eat people.”
  37. your dvd calendar
    The DVD Queue: Today’s New and Notable DVD Releases’Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,’ ‘Green Zone,’ ‘Remember Me,’ ‘Stephen Fry in America,’ and more.
  38. avatar
    Avatar Becomes Best-Selling Blu-ray Disc of All TimeAnd it took just four days!
  39. broken records
    Avatar Breaks Yet Another RecordJames Cameron’s opus breaks the record for single day home-video sales.
  40. the blues
    Movie About Blue People Not Playing Properly on Blu-rayDon’t mess with Pandora!
  41. the force
    Star Wars Set Coming Soon on Blu-rayAs long as nerds have money, new versions will keep on coming.
  42. the industry
    Choppy Waters on Hanks/Spielberg’s The PacificThe budget may hit $225 million just as the DVD market dries up.
  43. receipts
    More People Have Now Purchased The Hangover DVD Than Any Other Funny DVDGo ahead, try to guess the movie it passed.
  44. losses
    Dollar-DVD Kiosks Are Killing HollywoodThey’ve cost the entertainment industry $1 billion!
  45. cool things
    Beastie Boy Adam Yauch Introduces ‘The Circle of Trust’ DVD Subscription ServiceAnd makes a Columbia Record Club joke.
  46. dvdpocalypse
    What Will Replace the DVD?Probably neither of the two new things Hollywood is announcing today!
  47. go joe!
    Will G.I. Joe’s Early DVD Release Kill Movie Theaters?“We don’t know what Paramount is up to, but it’s highly objectionable,” says the prez of the National Association of Theatre Owners.
  48. awesome
    Thirtysomething Finally Coming to DVDPoor, poor Gary!
  49. the future
    100 DVDs on One Disc!General Electric has invented a disc that can hold 500 gigabytes of data — or 100 DVDs.
  50. rants
    Is Crash the First of Many Search-Engine-Optimized Movies?Probably!
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