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  1. earsores
    Whitney Houston Concerts Going Great, Says Whitney Houston’s Publicist“Her fans were dancing and singing along with her and Whitney appreciates their support.”
  2. earsores
    Whitney Houston Disappoints Dead Rats, Australians“She couldn’t entertain a dead rat, to be honest.”
  3. the hurt ear
    Did Jeremy Renner Sing Himself Out of an Oscar on The View?Congratulations in advance, Jeff Bridges!
  4. earsores
    So, How’s the Singing in Bye Bye Birdie?Bad! Allegedly!
  5. earsores
    Kara DioGuardi Records Her Very Own Version of ‘No Boundaries’It’s just as painful as you might imagine.
  6. earsores
    MTV Attempts to Pay Tribute to West Side Story With Ill-Conceived VMA PromoLeonard Bernstein is probably rolling over in his grave this afternoon.
  7. earsores
    Kris Allen Makes Executive Decision to Stop Performing ‘No Boundaries’ on TourKara DioGuardi’s ‘Idol’ anthem wasn’t going over so well with audiences.
  8. tatiana del toro
    American Idol Pits Most-Annoying-Ever Contestant Against a Bunch of Boring OnesSadly, Tatiana Del Toro will probably live to see another week.
  9. earsores
    Kanye Responsible for Funniest SNL Moment in WeeksSadly, the Auto-Tune was left at home.
  10. earsores
    Clint Eastwood Sings!We can’t wait to see him do this live at the Oscars.
  11. earsores
    Hillary Gets CookedAt a ceremony last night, Clinton ‘was treated to a rendition of ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ by David Cook,’ reports the ‘Post.’
  12. earsores
    Joe the Plumber to SingHe’s allegedly being pursued for a possible record deal.
  13. earsores
    Hit the ‘Mute’ Button! David Cook to Play ‘SNL’Cover your ears!
  14. earsores
    Cover Your Ears! New David Cook Single PremieresDon’t worry! It won’t get stuck in your head.