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Earth Day

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    9 Eco-Horror Movies That Will Remind You to Be Nicer to the EarthNature is healing.
  2. switched on pop
    Can Listening to Music Ever Really Be Sustainable?“I think it may be one small place where we could really fundamentally ask: What do we want to sustain in the first place?”
  3. our world
    Bill Nye and His Fellow Celebrities Unite to Save the World on Earth Day“Science too nuanced for a simple chant!” — Rachel Bloom
  4. viral ads
    Watch Sarah Hyland, Amy Smart, and Mark Rolston Try to Take Out Mother EarthWith a chainsaw, shotgun, and improvised blowtorch, respectively.
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    Vulture Exclusive: Watch the Trailer for … In the Woods, an Interactive Film ProjectMysterious! And nature friendly.
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    Biz Markie Raps About Earth Day“Just a Friend” gets a greener makeover.