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  1. eazy-e
    Eazy-E’s Daughter Making a Doc About His DeathShe alleges he may have been murdered.
  2. the toughest scene i wrote
    Toughest Scene We Wrote: Straight Outta Compton“There was enough material for 15 pages worth of script, but it had to be condensed into an extremely dense three to four pages.”
  3. tributes
    K. Lamar: Eazy-E Told ‘Different Type of Truth’Lamar honored the late rapper in an as-told-to tribute for Paper.
  4. resurrections
    Eazy-E and ODB Got Holograms This WeekendAs promised.
  5. resurrections
    Eazy-E and ODB Are Getting HologramsAt Rock the Bells.
  6. music
    Download an Unexpected Johnny Cash and Eazy-E Mash-UpPretty good, no?
  7. the industry
    The NWA Biopic May Actually HappenAndrea Berloff has just been hired to whip up a script.