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  1. what is america?
    You Can Now Purchase the Waterboard Kit Signed by Dick Cheney on Who Is America?Proceeds will go to Amnesty International when you buy it, if that makes you feel any better about being an unmitigated weirdo.
  2. bidding wars
    Oh Good: Star Wars Tickets Are Already on eBayAll you need is $400.
  3. controversy
    Django Unchained Action Figures Exiled From eBayThey were starting to sell for more than $2,000.
  4. clickables
    Buy a Picture of Nicolas Cage As a Southern VampireYou can almost hear him saying “Sookie.”
  5. no reserve
    Jack White Slams Whiners on eBay“Seriously stop all of the whining.”
  6. books
    See Twelve of the Most Ridiculous Literary-Themed Items on eBayPerhaps you’d like a ‘Twilight’ toilet decal?
  7. beat the record
    Are Indie Shops Flipping Their Record Store Day Exclusives on eBay?The event is supposed to save record stores — perhaps the owners are just trying to save themselves faster with jacked-up prices.
  8. nostalgia
    Ghostbusters Car for Sale on eBayWho ya gonna call? We’re guessing Maaco.
  9. you can't take it with you
    Attention eBay Shoppers: This Tony Award Can Be Yours for Just $10,000It’s certainly worth more than a Daytime Emmy!
  10. apropos of nothing
    Please, Someone, Buy Gary Coleman’s Pants on eBayThe pants are a size XL 12 regular from Gap Kids and, as the description notes, “would be perfect for any child who loves Gary.”
  11. news reel
    Shock: Ghostface Killah in eBay-Nonpayment DramaLast month the Wu-Tang emcee announced intentions to sell a hat on eBay. When the bidding ended on November 4, the lucky winner of said hat — a fitted “Atlanta Backwoods” cap which, we’d like to remind you, has “been in front of Halle Berry” — agreed to deposit $355 in the PayPal account of Ghostface’s intermediary seller. At least that was the plan.
  12. apropos of nothing
    Update: Ghostface Killah’s Hat Now on eBayAs anticipated, Ghostface is indeed accepting PayPal.
  13. apropos of nothing
    Ghostface Killah to Sell Hat on eBayGhostface Killah has announced plans to sell a hat on eBay, say reports.
  14. apropos of nothing
    50 Cent Unloads Whip on eBayOur favorite rap blog Nah Right reports that Curtis is selling his 2005 Lamborghini Murcielago on eBay.
  15. pop trash
    Number Five Is Alive … And Can Be Yours (For $100,000)Surely the finest movie ever made featuring a wisecracking robot and Fisher Stevens in South Asian makeup, Short Circuit holds a special place in our adolescent moviegoing memory.