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  1. 3 New Harry Potter E-Books Are ComingEach is a mixture of previous Pottermore material and new stories from J.K. Rowling.
  2. lawsuits
    Apple Lost Its Appeal and Now Owes $450 Million to Ebook UsersIt’s really not that much.
  3. amazon reviews
    The Book World Asks: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Amazon?“A loya jirga for book people” was convened last night to look for answers.
  4. ‘The State’ Is Releasing a New E-Book Version of Their Out of Print ’90s […]Comedy group The State announced today that they’re releasing their comedic USA travel book, State by State with The State: An Uninformed, […]
  5. The New UCB Oral History Is Free All WeekendIn June, writer Brian Raftery released an e-book oral history of the UCB called High-Status Characters: How The Upright Citizens Brigade […]
  6. There’s a New Oral History of the UCB Out Today in E-Book FormWriter Brian Raftery has a new, exhaustive oral history of the Upright Citizens Brigade that was just released today, exclusively through […]
  7. decisions
    Stephen King Skipping E-book on New NovelJoyland, available only in real life.
  8. dynamic duos
    Scott Rudin and Barry Diller Might Be Getting Into the E-Books Business An announcement is expected soon. 
  9. inner goddess
    50 Shades of Grey Still Very PopularNo one mention the existence of porn porn.
  10. fifty shades of wtf
    The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Fifty Shades of GreyHow is it possible that anybody is turned on by this?
  11. drugs are bad
    Courtney Love Still Being Courtney Love“I just hired a Tibetan woman whose entire job is to help me chant.”
  12. harry potter
    Watch J.K. Rowling Explain PottermoreYer an “online reading experience,” Harry.
  13. books
    Nobel Prize Winner Mario Vargas Llosa Doesn’t Know What the Future Holds for Books“It’s an enigma.”
  14. the future
    E-Books, Making Hardcover Books Look ExpensiveAnd thus, outselling them handily.
  15. E-Book Cannibalism Pushes Publishers Toward Hardcover-Only ReleasesWhen publishers release e-book and hardcover editions of their books simultaneously, believe it or not, the hardcovers sell less.