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  1. economypocalypse
    The Met Makes Good on Promised LayoffsThe Metropolitan Museum of Art announced today that it has completed the round of layoffs announced back in March, with an overall death toll of 357 positions.
  2. economypocalypse
    Met Director: Smaller Art Shows, Fewer Parties, No More Biscuits“We no longer serve biscuits to the trustees.”
  3. economypocalypse
    Recession-Squeezed Rappers Wearing Cubic-Zirconia–Based BlingAlso, sales of grillz have fallen off by 60 percent.
  4. economypocalypse
    NBC Pages Finally Cracking“It has been a sort of negative experience. I no longer recommend the program to others.”
  5. economypocalypse
    Layoffs Hit the MetThe museum will eliminate 74 retail positions.
  6. economypocalypse
    Will the Crappy Economy Save the Sitcom?Well, hey, we always did love ‘Roseanne.’
  7. economypocalypse
    Rich People: Still Buying Art!“What’s a gold Rolls doing in self-parking?”
  8. economypocalypse
    TV Shows Leaving New YorkFor anyone who’s ever had their car towed because of ‘Gossip Girl,’ there’s good news today.
  9. economypocalypse
    Washington Post Killing Stand-Alone Book SectionDue to “the economy,” the Washington ‘Post’ will discontinue the stand-alone version of its Sunday book review.
  10. economypocalypse
    Credit Crisis Forces Steven Spielberg to Write First-Ever CheckDoes he even know how to fill one of those things out?