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  1. vulture festival 2018
    Cameron Britton Thought About Killing His Mom While Filming MindhunterTalk about getting into character.
  2. vulture festival 2018
    How Being a Preschool Teacher Helped Cameron Britton Play Mindhunter’s Ed Kemper“I started slowly learning how to train myself to just cut all emotions out and just get rid of them entirely so I could be this serene presence.”
  3. it's a christmas miracle!
    Merry Christmas From Mindhunter! Here’s Ed Kemper Eating Egg Salad Real SlowTo you and yours from the Co-Ed Killer.
  4. mindhunter
    Watch the Real-life Interviews With Serial Killer Ed KemperMindhunter’s depiction of the infamous “co-ed killer” hews closely to the truth.