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  1. vulture lists
    We Ranked All the Songs on Spotify’s ‘Life Sucks’ PlaylistIn order of how effectively they convey the concept of life sucking.
  2. non-evil puppets
    Ed Sheeran Isn’t Any ‘Happier’ As a Puppet in His New Music VideoOh no, he even has little puppet tattoo sleeves!
  3. taylor swift
    Taylor Swift’s Reputation Is Only Album to Sell 2 Million Copies in Last 2 YearsThe last album to reach 2 million copies sold in America was Adele’s 25 in 2015.
  4. videology
    Well, This New Eminem Video Is a Real Valentine’s Day BuzzkillHave you missed Eminem “acting”?
  5. The Peaks and Pitfalls of the Grammys Were Politically ConnectedNot surprisingly, showing the world a new look without losing the old one produces a scrambled message.
  6. The Greatest Grammys Snubs of All TimeAll the times the award show got it wrong.
  7. Taylor Swift Strikes All the Right Notes in Her ‘End Game’ VideoIt turns out you can graduate from “girl next door” to “mega-millionaire woman celebrity” and still be likable.
  8. videology
    Taylor Swift Unveils Her ‘End Game’ in New Music VideoShe buries hatchets, but she keeps maps of where she puts them.
  9. dreams
    Ed Sheeran Wrote a James Bond Theme, Even Though Nobody Asked Him ToHe’s had the song on tap for three (!) years.
  10. billboard charts
    Beyoncé Has Her First No. 1 Song in Nine Years (Thanks to Ed Sheeran)Her remix to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” has debuted at No. 1.
  11. last night on late night
    We Could’ve Had James Corden As Taylor Swift’s Backup DancerHe’s not even her favorite James.
  12. the british
    Jesus, They Gave Ed Sheeran an MBEThe crooner was granted an MBE for “services to music and charity.”
  13. remixes
    Occasional Drinking Buddies Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé Now Have a Song TogetherWhat a pair.
  14. Pop Music’s Feature ProblemPop stars are regularly collaborating with rappers and R&B artists on their singles, but those singles aren’t hitting like they used to.
  15. 2018 Grammy Nominations: The Snubs and SurprisesDonald Glover’s latest album as Childish Gambino came up bigger than anyone saw coming.
  16. The Best Songs on Taylor Swift’s Reputation Are the Least AggrievedShe saved the best for last.
  17. why?
    Who Asked Ed Sheeran to Rap on Taylor Swift’s Album?Somehow, Taylor out-raps him.
  18. substance abuse
    Ed Sheeran Took a Year Off Because of Substance Abuse“It all starts off as a party and then you’re doing it on your own and it’s not, so that was a wake-up call.”
  19. interventions
    A Brief History of Ed Sheeran’s Insane InjuriesFrom swords to volcanoes to yacht-jumping, Sheeran’s gotten hurt by it all.
  20. The 2017 VMAs Were Beyond SavingThey exist for no reason beyond the fact that they already exist.
  21. unpopular opinions
    Game of Thrones Director Defends Ed Sheeran’s Cameo: ‘He’s a Lovely Actor’“If people didn’t know who Ed was, they wouldn’t have thought about it twice.”
  22. Thinking Out Loud About Ed Sheeran’s Game of Thrones CameoAnd how it connects to the books.
  23. twitter trolls
    Ed Sheeran Says He’s Quitting Twitter“I can’t read it. I go on it and there’s nothing but people saying mean things,” he told The Sun.
  24. last night on late night
    You Can Either Thank or Blame Jamie Foxx for Helping Launch Ed Sheeran’s CareerThe duo go way back.
  25. heartwarming stories
    Nobody Loves Ed Sheeran More Than Great British Bake Off Contestant ValLike baking a pastry, this story will make you feel warm and happy inside.
  26. bathrooms
    Kit Harington and Ed Sheeran’s Friendship Meet-Cute Happened at a UrinalHarington told Nicole Kidman and James Corden the nutty beginning of his friendship with Ed Sheeran.
  27. carpool karaoke
    Ed Sheeran Demonstrated His Gross Hidden Talent on ‘Carpool Karaoke’This is a serious choking hazard.
  28. ed sheeran has a lot of tattoos
    Ed Sheeran’s ‘Galway Girl’ Video Reveals the Bad Tattoo Saoirse Ronan Gave HimSláinte!
  29. serenades
    Local Bard Ed Sheeran Will Sing for Arya on Game of Thrones“I sing a song and then she goes, ‘Oh, that’s a nice song.’”
  30. billboard charts
    Kendrick Lamar’s ‘HUMBLE.’ Is Now the Biggest Song of His CareerTake a seat.
  31. ed sheeran has a lot of tattoos
    Saoirse Ronan, a Hero, Intentionally Misspelled a Tattoo She Gave to Ed SheeranThe “Galway Grill” is now open for business on Sheeran’s right arm.
  32. career counseling
    Elton John Was Instrumental in Ed Sheeran’s Yearlong HiatusWise counsel.
  33. conspiracy theories confirmed
    Turns Out, Ed Sheeran Is Just a Rupert Grint Character That Got Way Out of Hand“After Potter, all I wanted to do is stretch myself. Create some real magic.”
  34. ed sheeran has a lot of tattoos
    Ed Sheeran Has a Lot of TattoosLet’s look at some of them.
  35. sxsw 2017
    Ed Sheeran Will Guest-Star on Game of Thrones Next SeasonAnd the final season will only be six episodes.
  36. pants on fire
    James Blunt Debunks Ed Sheeran’s Famous Injury Story Involving Princess Beatrice“We made a fancy story up.”
  37. friend zone
    Ed Sheeran Had a Jolly Good Time Hooking Up With Taylor Swift’s Squad“I would often find myself in situations just kind of waking up and looking over and being like, ‘How the fuck did that happen?’”
  38. radio vulture
    Ed Sheeran Hasn’t Learned Any New Tricks on DivideThere have always been three kinds of Ed Sheeran songs, and, well, there still are.
  39. right-click
    Ed Sheeran’s Deliberately Stylized ÷ Is HereGet your symbols keyboard ready, because Ed is back.
  40. cool story bro
    That Time Ed Sheeran ‘Cracked’ Justin Bieber’s Head With a Golf Club“That was one of those ‘What the fuck?’ moments.”
  41. WATCH: What Is Going on With All of Katy Perry’s Bizarre Interviews?“Now that you’re Ed Sheeran, it’s like, put your ball sack on me.”
  42. right-click
    Ed Sheeran Gifts Himself the Birthday Present of a New, Tender Ed Sheeran SongListen to the sweet, tender loving.
  43. Ed Sheeran Makes Billboard History With First-Ever No. 1 for ‘Shape of You’He’s the first artist to have two songs simultaneously debut in the Top 10.
  44. sword talk
    Ed Sheeran Breaks Silence About Sword Incident“Everyone was kind of gaping openmouthed at me.”
  45. radio vulture
    Ed Sheeran’s New Tracks Are Stuck in 2015“Castle” and “Shape” seem to be playing catch-up.
  46. right-click
    Ed Sheeran Is Back to Serenade You Anew With Two SinglesHe’s baaack.
  47. huh?
    Ed Sheeran’s Face Reportedly Sliced With SwordWe’ll never be royals.
  48. let's get our lawsuit on
    Ed Sheeran Sued for Copying ‘Let’s Get It On’Ever thought Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” sounded familiar?
  49. lawsuits
    Ed Sheeran Sued for Allegedly Copying ‘Photograph’ From X-Factor WinnerThe same lawyer who won the Marvin Gaye-“Blurred Lines” lawsuit is on the case.
  50. spectacles
    Learning Pop Truths From a Real Teen at NYC’s Jingle BallFun. is classy; Ed Sheeran is happening; and Max is the cutest Wanted guy.
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