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Ed Westwick

  1. returns
    Ed Westwick Joins Forces With IRL Bond Villain Louise LintonIn 2017, three women accused the actor of sexual assault.
  2. legal updates
    Ed Westwick Will Not Be Charged With Rape Due to Insufficient EvidenceHe was being investigated by the LAPD.
  3. recastings
    Ed Westwick Replaced in BBC Mini-series, His Scenes to Be ReshotWestwick has been accused of rape and sexual assault.
  4. the industry
    Jessica Szohr Wonders If Ed Westwick’s Accusers Are ‘Stretching the Truth’“I hope that it’s untrue, but I also feel bad for anyone that’s been in that situation.”
  5. xoxo
    Ed Westwick Still Doesn’t Know Who Gossip Girl WasThe former Chuck Bass makes an excellent contribution to a Gossip Girl oral history.
  6. vulture recommends
    Ed Westwick Re-creates His Chuck Bass Magic With New Series White GoldThis time, we get to hear his British accent.
  7. but think about blair
    Ed Westwick Wants Nothing to Do With a Gossip Girl Revival“It’s such a strange thing to think about.”
  8. trailer mix
    Watch the First Trailer for Crackle’s New Snatch SeriesYes, that is Chuck Bass in a tiny robe shooting an assault rifle.
  9. it's a christmas miracle!
    Hey, 5 People Who Watched Wicked City, It’s on Hulu NowContain your excitement.
  10. too many hans
    Rami Malek Auditioned for Han Solo in Star WarsLike, literally everyone.
  11. Ebiri: Romeo and Juliet Is Undercut by Its Romeo and JulietRefreshingly un-modernized, this version suffers from young lovers who fall far short of the DiCaprio-Danes high-water mark.
  12. trailer mix
    Romeo and Juliet Trailer: Verona, by Way of Downton AbbeyIt’s scripted by Downton’s Julian Fellowes.
  13. cannes 2012
    The New Romeo and Juliet Hold Court at CannesIt’s the Shakespeare classic by way of Downton Abbey.
  14. party lines
    Party Lines: Ed Westwick and More at the World Premiere of War HorseWho’s obsessed with Jurassic Park? Their dog? Pink tissues?
  15. headshots
    March’s Best Entertainment PhotographyChord Overstreet, Vanessa Hudgens, and more in this month’s Best Entertainment Photography.
  16. party chat
    Gossip Girl Scripts Are So Secret, Even the Cast Can’t Read ThemCast members can only read their own lines now.
  17. bass attack
    Chuck Bass May Leave Us Soon!Where will we get our ascot inspiration from?
  18. gossip girl
    Gossip Girl: When the Camera Stops RollingA slideshow of the fall, from behind the scenes.
  19. quote machine
    Rampage Jackson Clears Everything UpPlus: Chris Brown’s visa request denied by country of Europe.
  20. vulture lists
    TV Report Card: British Actors Playing AmericanA British invasion has finally arrived. Who’s stumbling on those long ‘a”s and soft ‘t”s?
  21. british invasion
    Pics: Hugh Dancy and Today’s Swooniest BritsWe seem to be having a British moment. Not that we’re complaining.