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Ed Zwick

  1. telling! it! all!
    14 Other Celebrities Who Might Want to Know They’re in Demi Moore’s MemoirRob Lowe, Flea, and … Lena Dunham?
  2. reboots
    thirtysomething Was the Most Iconic Show of the 1980s. Now It’s Coming Back.Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick are leading development on a thirtysomething reboot.
  3. the industry
    Why Tobey Maguire Thinks There’s a Lack of Young Male Movie StarsIf Maguire were starting today, he says, “I would feel like my only opportunities were in YA franchises and superhero movies.”
  4. casting
    Ben Walker, Henry Cavill to Scale Great WallFor director Ed Zwick.
  5. party chat
    Naked Director Photoshopped Out of Love and Other Drugs PosterPlus: Gyllenhaal on all of his masturbating.