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  1. A Comedian’s Guide to Doing the Edinburgh Festival FringeA handy guide to the largest performing arts festival in the world.
  2. Plumbing Politics and the Crazy State of the World for Comedy with Andy […]Andy Zaltzman is best known in the States as half of the excellent satirical podcast The Bugle, which he co-hosts with long-time collaborator […]
  3. How to Succeed at Edinburgh Fringe with Alex Edelman Alex Edelman has had an excellent August. The American comic headed to the Edinburgh Fringe with his debut show, Millennial, and on Saturday, […]
  4. Daniel Sloss and the Art of Telling Critics to Piss OffAt only 23, Daniel Sloss has become one of the biggest draws at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The Scottish comic played to packed houses […]
  5. Talking to David O’Doherty About Standup, Edinburgh, and MoreIrish comedian David O’Doherty is no stranger to our shores. His musical whimsy has been seen recently on Comedy Central’s The Half Hour and […]
  6. 13 Shows to See at the Edinburgh Festival FringeIt’s not a huge event on the American comedy calendar, but every August, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe plays host to hundreds of comedians from […]