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  1. please retweet
    In Twitter Comedy Videos, Endings Are OverratedThe playful, messy spirit of Vine endures.
  2. awkward
    Bohemian Rhapsody’s Editor Knows You’ve All Been Mocking His Work“I want to put a bag over my head,” the Oscar winner said.
  3. close reads
    What Sharp Objects Understands About MemoryNobody goes about their days living only in the present moment.
  4. The Evolution of the Movie TrailerThere’s a reason we don’t hear “in a world” anymore.
  5. comedy central roasts
    Trump Edited Jokes at His Roast to Seem RicherAnd he doesn’t seem to know the difference between “they’re” and “their.”
  6. airplane movies
    Delta Is Showing an Edited Version of CarolEveryone knows kisses are bad for planes.
  7. This Russian Filmmaker Invented Response Memes 100 Years AgoAh, internet memes. Depending who you are, they’re what you make online and talk about with your buddies at school, what your goddamn kid won’t […]
  8. editing
    Steven Soderbergh Recut 2001: A Space Odyssey“You start thinking about it when it’s not around, and then you start wanting to touch it.”
  9. Someone Has Already Edited a Chronological Version of the New ‘Arrested […]Never underestimate the enthusiasm of Arrested Development’s fanbase. It’s only been a week since Netflix released the show’s new season, which […]
  10. life with louie
    Meet Louie’s New (and Woody Allen’s Old) Editor“I found myself saying, ‘I’ll call Woody about this’ instead of ‘I’ll call Louis,’ so obviously I’m feeling a similarity.”
  11. Louis C.K. Taps a New Editor for Louie’s Third Season[blackbirdpie id=”174184440862486528”] Louis C.K. just announced via Twitter that Susan Morse, a longtime editor of Woody Allen’s films, will […]
  12. clickables
    Watch a Short Surfing Movie Supposedly Edited by a Chimpanzee“JT, the chimp editor, favors quick cuts and ambient sounds.”
  13. awards
    Hurt Locker Takes Top Editing Prize’The Hangover,’ ‘Up’ also win Eddies.