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  1. the exorcist
    Watch The Exorcist As an Eighties Sitcom“And Linda Blair as Regan!”
  2. the real housewives of atlanta
    Watch the Real DragwivesYes, it’s parody, but is it?
  3. the avengers
    Is ‘Avenger Pugs’ Better Than The Avengers?We be “puggin’.”
  4. liam neeson
    ‘Liam Neeson: The Musical’ Is Accurate, HilariousBut who would play Liam Neeson?
  5. dmx
    See What Happens When DMX Is Introduced to GoogleHe’s got a point about the swirly circle, though.
  6. tupac shakur
    So, Apparently, Tupac Shakur Loved Tony Danza, ‘Considered Him a Friend’Tupac Loves Tony? Norman Lear, make it happen!
  7. mr. wizard
    Watch Another Supercut of Mr. Wizard Being a D*ck“You only missed three drops.”
  8. emmys 2012
    Watch Parker Posey Play an Acting Coach“So awkward and scary!”
  9. penny marshall
    See Fred Armisen As Penny Marshall“They gotta go to the Amazon to get the book?”
  10. 30 rock
    What If the Characters on 30 Rock Used Google Docs?We’re with Pete — fried chicken for lunch!
  11. my little pony
    Revel in an Epic, Obvious My Little Pony–Ginuwine MashupThat’s one horny pony.
  12. sir ian mckellen
    Watch an Impeccable Impression of Sir Ian McKellen Performing ‘Baby Got Back’You never thought you’d hear it? Think again.
  13. the cosby show
    Watch the Huxtables Watch The Cosby ShowRudy gets it.
  14. inception
    A When Harry Met SallyInception Mash-up? Yes, Please!Christopher Nolan does pastrami on rye.
  15. dmx
    DMX on Reading RainbowDMX vs. Levar Burton: We’d watch.
  16. the price is right
    Watch a Dude on Shrooms on The Price Is RightFunnily enough, isn’t watching The Price Is Right just like tripping on shrooms?
  17. 2012 olympics
    See What Happens to American Olympians After the Olympics“We have résumés.”
  18. katy perry
    Watch ‘California Grrrs,’ a Dogs-Only Katy Perry ParodyLap it up.
  19. madonna
    Watch the Gayest Bar Mitzvah Entrance Ever“Oy” dios mio.
  20. questlove
    Listen to Questlove’s Beastie Boys RemixSabotage us, again and again!
  21. joss whedon
    Watch Joss Whedon Boycott Sleepwalk With MeSave The Avengers!
  22. olivia munn
    Watch Olivia Munn in ‘Ghost Tits’“What happened to the tits?”
  23. julia child
    Watch Julia Child RemixedR.I.P.
  24. call me maybe
    Watch a Dude in a Bikini Pull a ‘Call Me Maybe’ Prank on ChatrouletteDon’t count out Carly Rae just yet.
  25. watch the throne
    Watch a Watch the Throne Documentary Featuring Kanye West and Jay-ZWe’re watching.
  26. new yorker
    Watch a Weird Video Ad for The New Yorker AppWell, that was weird.
  27. batman
    Watch ‘Dark Knightfall’Nice job, toys!
  28. sex house
    Watch the New Episode of Sex HousePlease don’t let this end, The Onion.
  29. taken
    See What Taken Would Be Like With a Real DadFriggin’ GPS!
  30. the wizard of oz
    Watch The Wizard of Oz Synced Up With Pink FloydVCRs be damned!
  31. spider-man
    Watch Spider-Man at an Indoor Trampoline ParkLucky Oliver!
  32. summer movies
    See Solid Proof That Every 3-D Summer Blockbuster Is the SameCase closed. Any questions?
  33. beyonce
    Watch a Side-by-Side Comparison of Snuggie Kid and BeyoncéWatch your back, Ratner.
  34. sex house
    Watch Episode Two of Sex HouseBeware the vents!
  35. zach anner
    Watch Zach Anner’s New Travel Show, Riding ShotgunOprah, take him back!
  36. beyonce
    Watch an Epic, Snuggie-Happy Cover of Beyoncé’s ‘Countdown’Note to Beyoncé: Do this.
  37. tiny fuppets
    Revel in the Return of Tiny FuppetsCollect ‘em all!
  38. naked cowgirl
    Watch a Cringe-Inducing Music Video From the Naked Cowgirl” … the f*ck?” —Naked Cowboy, probably.
  39. girls
    Watch ‘Squirls,’ a Parody of Girls With SquirrelsPeter Scolari looks great!
  40. call me maybe
    Watch Cookie Monster Make ‘Call Me Maybe’ About CookiesIt’s funny and true!
  41. the aikiu
    Watch Gay Porn Superimposed Over InstrumentsSafe for work! Really!
  42. superheroes
    Watch Super Golden Friends, a Golden Girls–Superhero Mash-UpBea Arthur looks gorgeous!
  43. ron perlman
    See Ron Perlman Dress Up As Hellboy for a Make-a-Wish KidAaaaand: tears.
  44. jeremiah mcdonald
    Watch a 32-Year-Old Guy Talk to His 12-Year-Old SelfWhat would we say? “Stop picking your nose. People can see.”
  45. racoons
    Watch Hannah Montana’s Coon RepellentSummer just got so awesome.
  46. moby
    Watch ‘The Moby Song,’ Learn How to Identify Moby From Bruce Willis and OthersWell, it’s certainly a look.
  47. dark knight rises
    Watch The Dark Knight Rises in Real Life“Get out of the way!” — Batman
  48. saved by the bell
    See an Old Picture of Bethenny Frankel and ScreechBethenny and Screech? Now we’ve seen everything.
  49. wainy days
    Watch the New Episode of ‘Wainy Days’And your Paul Rudd fantasy just, er … came to life. ::Sigh::
  50. downton abbey
    Watch Martin-Inspired Opening Credits to Downton Abbey“Damn, Dowager!”
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