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  1. get real
    Kid Rock Has Problems With Gay People and ‘FaceTweets’ in Guardian Op-Ed“I don’t FaceTweet or whatever people do.”
  2. editorials
    OITNB Actress Was 14 When Parents Were DeportedShe writes in the Los Angeles Times.
  3. editorials
    The Expendables 3 and How PG-13 Has Ruined the Modern Action MovieCan you point to any decent action in a recent big-budget American movie?
  4. editorials
    Dear Hollywood: Enough With the Orbs … and the Cubes … and the TesseractsThese are some of the lamest MacGuffins in all of cinema.
  5. Stephen Colbert Just Wants to Help You, South CarolinaThe will-they-won’t-they dance between Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC and the South Carolina Republican primary continues. In a guest editorial in […]