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  1. album review
    Tom Morello’s Atlas Underground Is Amusing but Often OverbearingA few less hands on deck would’ve done this album better.
  2. Avicii and EDM’s Promise of Post-Recessional ExcessAvicii was but one of the towering, single-named DJs that rose up in the early 2010s wave of EDM, but he was the most emblematic.
  3. Will Smith’s New Song Is Absolutely AbsurdWho even knows why he decided to make an EDM song.
  4. What’s Underneath Dance Music’s Big Tent?After Skrillex helped bring EDM to the pop charts, a whole new wave of artists are taking the genre in surprising new directions.
  5. This Is All You Need to See to Understand Vin Diesel’s Music Career▶️ “When the Fast & Furious megastar played the track … it brought Diesel to tears.”
  6. party!
    Andrew W.K. Partying EDM-Style on New Song“Always and forever party till we die.”
  7. where's the beef?
    Steve Albini vs. Dance Music: A Timeline “If you pretend to take dance music seriously on a more significant level, that is a delusional pretension.”
  8. vulture lists
    7 Undeniable Contemporary Influences on Prince’s New Album, HITnRUNFrom DJ Mustard and Miguel to EDM and reggaeton.
  9. music
    Ansel Elgort’s DJ Alter Ego Ansolo Has a Record DealHe is your friend.
  10. music
    The Beat Goes Boom: What’s Driving the Dance-Music MomentWhy EDM just keeps growing, who’s making money off it, and where to actually go dancing.
  11. beefs
    Deadmau5 and Krewella Tussled Via Twitter Over Internet Shaming, SexismBecause of Krewella’s Billboard op-ed.
  12. The Complete Guide to Everything: Electronic Dance MusicThis week we discuss Electronic Dance Music (EDM), an entire genre of music that Tim just learned about by reading an article in the New […]