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Edward Zwick

  1. the industry
    Jake Gyllenhaal to Play Anne Hathaway’s Drug DealerPlus: Matisyahu is back!
  2. news reel
    Herskovitz and Zwick Putting Quarterlife Behind Them, Returning to TVFingers crossed CBS doesn’t turn it into a procedural!
  3. quote machine
    Blake Lively Explains Why Recessions Don’t Exist on Gossip GirlPlus: Jaime King tries to rationalize the crappiness of ‘The Spirit.’
  4. strike zone
    NBC Buys Quarterlife, Bitsie Tulloch to Be InescapableWe predicted last week that Quarterlife’s Bitsie Tulloch would be a huge star — turns out we might actually be right about something for once.
  5. strike zone
    Strike-News Roundup: Is This Thing Over Yet?News about Ellen DeGeneres and Jay Leno!
  6. the industry
    Jessica Alba Loves Ice Hockey, Mike MyersPlus industry news on Watchmen, Liev Schreiber, amd Takashi Murakami.
  7. the industry
    Batten Down the Scenery: De Niro, Pacino Back Together