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El Chapo

  1. the day i met el chapo
    El Chapo Producer Explains His Side of the Sean Penn FeudSean Penn tried to derail the movie’s release, the producer of The Day I Met El Chapo says.
  2. in development
    Somebody Besides El Chapo Is Making a Movie About El ChapoThe time for competing El Chapo projects is nigh.
  3. netflix
    Netflix and Univision Just Say Yes to a Drama Series About El ChapoEl Chapo will premiere in 2017.
  4. betrayals
    Kate del Castillo Feels ‘Betrayed’ by Sean PennTraidor!
  5. crime
    Kate del Castillo Investigated for El Chapo TiesEscándalo!
  6. roll clip!
    S. Penn’s Best 60 Minutes Quotes About El Chapo“I feel complicit in the suffering that is going on, because I’m not thinking about it everyday.”
  7. Sean Penn Says His El Chapo Article ‘Failed’“I have a regret that the entire discussion about this article ignores its purpose.”
  8. Seth Meyers Lands an Exclusive ‘Late Night’ Interview with El ChapoDuring last night’s Late Night, Seth Meyers surprised the audience with a very special guest: the one and only El Chapo (played perfectly by […]
  9. uncanny impressions
    El Chapo Pitches Movie Ideas on Seth MeyersAlso, he bears a striking resemblance to Horatio Sanz.
  10. El Chapo Didn’t Even Know Who Sean Penn WasQuién?
  11. Stephen Colbert Shares His Audition Tape for the Inevitable El Chapo MovieNow that Mexican drug lord El Chapo has been captured, Stephen Colbert focused on the inevitable next step during last night’s Late Show: a big […]
  12. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Explains El Chapo’s CaptureSubmarines!
  13. inspirations
    El Chapo Story Line Is Coming to Jane the Virgin“I’m very interested in the Hollywood connection.”
  14. el chapo
    Okay, But Who Will Play Sean Penn in the El Chapo Biopic?Art imitates life and life imitates Narcos.
  15. the great escape
    El Chapo Caught Thanks to Biographical FilmHe put out a casting call while hiding from authorities, building a tunnel from his ego back to prison.