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  1. chat room
    El-P on Run the Jewels 3 and That Apocalypse He’s Been Warning Us About“I like the fact that me and Mike can kinda be assholes and also be good at the same time when we write these lyrics.”
  2. right-click
    Run the Jewels Drops Their New Album RTJ3 Merry Christmas, motherf*ckers.
  3. copywrong
    Kevin Hart to Make Run the Jewels; RTJ to Object“Excuse me while I go starve a savage pack of lawyers for 7 days.”
  4. origin stories
    This Is the Email That Spawned Run the Jewels’ Iconic LogoThere were a couple of options.
  5. sxsw 2015
    This Is What Happens When You Try to Stage-Crash a Run the Jewels ShowAttack Killer Mike, expect to get your ass whooped.
  6. killer mike
    Killer Mike, ‘Big Beast’They’ve got bats!
  7. el-p
    Watch a New Music Video From El-P, ‘The Full Retard’Don’t mind the name. Or do. You do whatever you want.
  8. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From Theophilus London to Tony BennettPlus: Eels, MF Doom, Real Estate …
  9. quote machine
    Even Tommy Lee Affected by RecessionPlus: How does Nick Jonas celebrate Valentine’s Day?
  10. right-click
    The Cure’s Triumphant-ish Return!Plus: New music from El-P and the Rapture!
  11. last night's gig
    El-P Rocks Out … Urban Outfitters?Throughout his show at Urban Outfitters, rapper El-P kept smacking himself in the head, as if asking What the hell am I doing here?