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  1. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Precious Plum’Way back, a long long time ago (in the early 2000s), a little sketch group called Dutch West became one of the first collectives of writers and […]
  2. Watch Tom Lennon and Elaine Carroll in ‘The Philanthropist’ Here’s a new video called “The Philanthropist” starring Tom Lennon and Very Mary-Kate’s Elaine Carroll as a selfish faux-philanthropist and a […]
  3. Talking to ‘Very Mary-Kate’ Creator Elaine Carroll About the Appeal of the […]It’s easy to make fun of celebrities; just look at how many TV shows and Twitter feeds are devoted to nothing else. But it’s a skill to spoof […]
  4. Make Yourself Comfy with Abra Tabak #8: ‘How Much Of’ with Elaine Carroll, […]In this week’s episode of “Make Yourself Comfy with Abra Tabak” Elaine Carroll (Very Mary Kate), Nate Dern (Friday Night Hot Chicks Mic), and […]
  5. Very Mary Kate Is Back and Texting Faster Than Ever We knew she would come back to us! Well, we knew since last week. Very Mary Kate has returned, along with Fat Professor, Jewish-Looking Girl […]
  6. Very Mary Kate Will Make a Triumphant and Fat-Free Return on Dec. 1Elaine Carroll’s amazing web series Very Mary-Kate is coming back for a third season. New episodes will appear magically on CollegeHumor […]
  7. This Week’s Web Series You Need to Watch: Very Mary-KateMost celebrity impersonations are to comedy audiences what in-flight meals are to airline passengers, bland and predictable, yet almost […]
  8. Rachel Maddow Grills Local Politician Here’s a new one from Wiseguy Pictures, featuring Jon Gabrus and Elaine Carroll (the creator/star of Very Mary Kate). She’s got a pretty great […]
  9. Very Mary-Kate Keeps Getting Better Elaine Carroll’s Very Mary Kate web series, in which she plays both of the Olsen twins as they navigate life as former child stars and current […]
  10. Very Mary Kate Returns With a Full Series on CollegeHumor Elaine Carroll’s wonderful Very Mary Kate web series, in which she plays one half of the Olsen twins and sometimes both halves, is back after […]