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Election 2016

  1. 28 Things We Learned From Hillary Clinton’s New Campaign MemoirShe’s ambivalent about selfies.
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    A Book About Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Is Becoming a TV SeriesWritten by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, the recent release examines Clinton’s ill-fated presidential campaign.
  3. AHS Election Season Will Feature Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton After AllThe season starts on Election Night.
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    Chance the Rapper Will Speak at the ‘People’s Inauguration’ Hosted by the NAACPIt will take place the day after the official presidential inauguration.
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    Trump Says He’ll Devote Zero Time to ApprenticeHe also misspelled the word “ridiculous.”
  6. George Takei Responds to Internment As Precedent“It is more important than ever that the story of the internment be told and heard.”
  7. vulture lists
    29 Funny Movies to Stream If You Need a Laugh Right NowFrom His Girl Friday to Minions.
  8. Mike Antonucci Can Help Us All Recover It’s been a rough road this last 18 months and, no matter who you voted for, you’re probably feeling more than a little tapped. If you’re […]
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    71.4 Million Viewers Tuned in to Watch Election Coverage Last NightCNN had the biggest-ever Election Night audience for a cable network.
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    Don’t Worry, There Are Plenty of Ways to Stream Election Coverage TonightEveryone deserves to watch, whether you have a TV or not.
  11. Watch Chris Gethard’s Live 12-Hour Election Coverage on MNNChris Gethard is here to help you get through what’s hopefully the final day of the horrific orange nightmare that’s been this year’s election […]
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    What Network Should I Watch for Live Election Coverage Tonight?If you’re unsure which network is right for you, we’ve put together this guide on what to watch for every type.
  13. A Guide to This Week’s Live Presidential Election Coverage by ComediansElection Day is upon us, and while all the major network late night shows are off the air tomorrow night, there’s still plenty of election […]
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    John Oliver Examines the 3rd-Party CandidatesThe problems from Jill Stein’s music career to Gary Johnson’s erotic-mountain talk.
  15. The Cathartic Power of Coker and Stratton’s ‘Trump Bros’ Comedy duo James Coker and Marshall Stratton are real good at making fun of rich people and, in this hopefully soon-to-be-squashed Age of […]
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    Leslie Jones Live-Tweeted the Second Presidential Debate: ‘This Is Our Fault!’“‘I respect his children!’ Good one Hilary! lol”
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    Leslie Jones Live-Tweeted the Presidential Debate: ‘It’s Like a Nightmare!!’“I feel like he is not listening at all.”
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    Joss Whedon Doesn’t Want You to Vote for TrumpThe Avengers director has launched a super-pac called Save the Day.
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    Hillary Clinton Will Appear on Kimmel August 22Don’t jinx it.
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    Blake Shelton Sorta, Kinda Endorses Donald Trump“I probably wish there was another option, but there’s not.”
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    Lewis Black Rants About Political Conventions“You don’t yell for politicians! That’s like a pep rally for a bowling team!”
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    Melissa Harris-Perry Will Return to TV for BET NewsShe’ll cover the national conventions this month.
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    Teen Comic Mocks Trump on America’s Got TalentLori Mae Hernandez roasted the presumptive Republican nominee.
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    Full Frontal Takes On Bernie Sanders’ SupportersThis is probably going to get a lot worse before it gets better, huh?
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    Say Bye to Carson With the Daily Show’s TributeR.I.P.?
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    Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Visits ColbertAnd discusses Donald Trump’s book Pride and Prejudice: Now With More Prejudice.
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    Nicki Minaj Gets Real About Her Politics in New InterviewShe’s not making any 2016 endorsements yet, but she has some thoughts.
  28. he who must not be named
    J.K. Rowling: Donald Trump Is Worse Than VoldemortYikes.
  29. everything is a remix
    The Daily Show Remixes Awkward Ted Cruz FootageIn “Cruz Your Own Adventure.”
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    Marco Rubio Is Waiting on Views From the 6, Just Like Everyone ElseDrizzy for president.
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    Killer Mike Ate Soul Food With Bernie SandersVery smooth.
  32. a conservative rapper's delight
    Meet Aspiring Mogul, Rapper Behind Ben Carson Ad“Carson likes classical music like Haydn and Tchaikovsky,” Mogul admits. “But when I made the song, I didn’t think about whether he was into rap or not.”
  33. T.I. Won’t Vote for a Woman to Be President“Not to be sexist, but I can’t vote for the leader of the free world to be a woman.”
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    Donald Trump and Politics After Reality TVTrump’s main advantage is his truly skilled understanding of what makes for good reality television.
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    Petition: Let Jon Stewart Host a 2016 DebateIt has more than 120,000 signatures, but you should probably go sign it now anyway.
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    Lil B Spent His Birthday Talking Politics on TVWhat a guy.
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    Here Are 5 Gems From Lil B on Politics, Race, and Ditching Clinton for SandersWisdom from the BasedGod.