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Election Day

  1. the morning after
    Michael Moore Wants to Take Over the DemocratsYou must say this sentence to everyone you meet today: “HILLARY CLINTON WON THE POPULAR VOTE!”
  2. election day
    Michael Moore Wrote a Prescient Essay Predicting Donald Trump’s Victory in July“Our Rust Belt Brexit.”
  3. 2016 election
    Visit Colbert’s Election-Anxiety Screaming BoothWhy can’t every American home come with one?
  4. election day
    Kelly Clarkson Savages Justin Guarini for Old Times’ Sake on Election DayAh, nostalgia.
  5. election day
    Last Week Tonight Explains Why We Vote TuesdayRemember to wear comfortable shoes and pack a snack.
  6. the story of election night
    Many Broadway Shows Will Go Dark on Election DayHamilton will still be playing, natch.
  7. the more important election
    Scandal Season 6 Trailer: The Votes Are InWhat’s an Election Day without a cabin explosion or two?
  8. the most important people in the world
    Christian Slater’s Vote Was Not Counted In Florida, too.
  9. Celebrities Vote Just Like Us!Paul Giamatti and Conan O’Brien have been spotted in voting lines with regular, non-famous, ugly people!