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  1. role call
    Elisabeth Shue Answers Every Question We Have About Adventures in Babysitting On going out with Bradley Whitford, ending up at the Playboy Mansion, and saying “fuck” in a Disney movie against her dad’s wishes.
  2. chat room
    Elisabeth Shue on Today’s ‘Savvy’ Starlets“I came into this business a little more innocently. I didn’t get a publicist until after, like, Cocktail.”
  3. Elisabeth Shue Joining CSIAs a no-nonsense investigator. Is there any other kind?
  4. chat room
    Elisabeth Shue on ‘Hamlet 2,’ Making Out With Old Co-StarsShue raps to Vulture about her love of make-out scenes and her first commercial, and does an impromptu rendition of ‘Babysittin’ Blues.’