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  1. candy
    Shia LaBeouf Shows Ellen His Leg TattoosAw, Shia.
  2. love in the time of ghosting
    Kelly Clarkson Also Ghosted on Bad Dates When She Was 18He was talking about his height too much!
  3. Watch Miley Cyrus Fill in for Sick EllenSo many bad jokes.
  4. surprise!
    Ellen Surprises Pulse Shooting Survivor Tony Marrero With the Gift of Katy PerryGrab a tissue.
  5. malls
    Britney Spears and Ellen Visit a Mall, Famously“Teach your children what is important in life, and that is money and celebrity.”
  6. celebrity memoirs
    Simone Biles Is Writing a Christian MemoirIt’s called Courage to Fall.
  7. Diane Keaton Actively Seeks a Lover on EllenLikes: fat noses, thin noses, being in love with Diane Keaton.
  8. heads up
    Ghostbusters Ladies Play Heads Up on EllenEllen does not know very many dance moves.
  9. Leslie Jones Reveals Her Past Work as a Scientology Telemarketer on ‘Ellen’Here’s a great clip from today’s Ellen featuring the new Ghostbusters cast Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, and Melissa McCarthy, who […]
  10. never have i ever
    Drake, Jared Leto Play ‘Never Have I Ever’Guess which one of them has used a song to talk about his feelings for a girl?
  11. the industry
    Hillary and Ghostbusters Cast Headed to EllenClinton to finally answer whether or not bustin’ makes her feel good.
  12. never have i ever
    Dax, Kristen, Mila & Ashton Do Never Have I EverThis is what we imagine every talk show was like in the ‘70s.
  13. ellen scares
    Ellen Scares Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen As is her wont.
  14. roll clip!
    David Spade Had a Fun, Weird Adele Run-InOops.
  15. Harrison Ford Shares Some Wisdom on EllenChewie might have had some words of wisdom, too. Hard to tell.
  16. heartwarming things
    Terminally Ill Comic Quincy Jones Gets HBO HourEllen does not lie about fabulous, heartwarming prizes.
  17. kiss from a rose
    Marcia Clark Won’t Confirm or Deny Darden KissRoll tape!
  18. Ellen DeGeneres Appeals to HBO and Netflix to Air Quincy Jones’s Standup […]Last month, friends of LA-based standup Quincy Jones – who was diagnosed with stage 4 mesothelioma in July 2015 and told he would only live […]
  19. Kelly Clarkson Talks Crying on American Idol“I was screwed from the get-go.”
  20. Watch Kate McKinnon Visit Ellen DeGeneres as Ellen DeGeneresSNL star and expert Ellen DeGeneres impersonator Kate McKinnon appears as a guest on Ellen today, and at the top of the episode, she crashes […]
  21. uncanny impressions
    Kate McKinnon Stops by to Do Ellen’s MonologueThey’re Ellen.
  22. pranks
    Adele Commits Deeply to Ellen Jamba Juice PrankShe steals and eats, oh, just so much wheatgrass.
  23. real talk
    Adele Cried All Day After Her Grammys Performance; Don’t Cry, Adele!“I kept spontaneously bursting into tears.”
  24. life advice
    Just Another Moment You Wish Judge Judy Were Your MomEllen, too!
  25. good luck charms
    Jacob Tremblay Explains How to Meet Leo DiCaprio“If you want to win, you just have to come up to me.”
  26. great performances
    Channing Tatum on Meeting Beyoncé on LSBShe’s his “Keyser Söze.”
  27. twerking
    Welp, Here’s Zac Efron Twerking on EllenHe also gives Ellen a lap dance of sorts.
  28. the industry
    Ellen DeGeneres Renews Show Through 2020Scare ya later!
  29. i'm so thirsty
    David Spade Calls President Obama ‘Thirsty,’ Hmmm“Michelle Obama’s on Ellen more than I am.”
  30. tina fey
    Tina Fey Tells Ellen About the Time She Sat on Santa Claus’s Lap in a TrailerA guy with a trailer and a dream.
  31. viral video star
    Korean Viral Star Sings Adele’s ‘Hello’ on EllenJust don’t get amnesia!
  32. metal
    Metalheads Get Very Mad About Justin Bieber’s Shirt, Instantly Become Less MetalHow cute.
  33. where's the beef?
    Seth Rogen and Justin Bieber’s Beef Is OverLeave it to Ellen.
  34. Justin Bieber Talks About Selena and His PenisWhat do you mean?
  35. candy
    See Bradley Cooper’s Clint Eastwood ImpressionAlso, about that plastic baby.
  36. candy
    Watch Courteney Cox Morph Into Monica on EllenUse your head, Rachel!
  37. pranks
    Justin Bieber Caught Lurking in Women’s Bathroom — for Prank ComedyIt was for Ellen, so it was cute.
  38. videology
    Kanye Is the Best Dad in the ‘Only One’ Music VideoDirected by Spike Jonze.
  39. never have i ever
    Watch Gwyneth Paltrow and Johnny Depp Play Never Have I Ever Who’s part of the mile-high club?
  40. reunited and it feels so bad
    Ashton Kutcher Has the World’s Worst Poker FaceForgive and forget?
  41. candy
    Ellen Proves Stars Get Scared Just Like We DoA best of from her years scaring celebrities.
  42. bad karaoke
    Kristen Wiig and Ellen Show You How Not to Sing ‘Let It Go’Maybe the cold bothered them.
  43. Looking Back at Ellen and Mitch Hurwitz’s Sitcom ‘The Ellen Show’The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. […]
  44. Kate McKinnon and Ellen DeGeneres Talk Bieber, Mr. Bill, and Australians SNL’s fastest rising star Kate McKinnon paid her second visit to Ellen yesterday, and the ladies talked about everything from McKinnon’s […]
  45. Ellen DeGeneres Gives Seth Meyers a Celebrity Interview Crash Course Seth Meyers paid Ellen DeGeneres a visit a month ahead of his first Late Night episode, and the two-time Oscars host decided to test Meyers’s […]
  46. smokin'!
    If Mad Men Cigarettes Were Swapped for Party HornsThat’s what the money is for! Party horns. The money is for party horns.
  47. See Amy Poehler Watch a Bunch of Scary Prank Videos Amy Poehler went on Ellen today, and Ellen showed her a ton of mean Halloween prank videos, all of which Poehler laughed at but disapproved […]
  48. exes
    Drake Plays the ‘Who Has Drake Dated?’ GameOn Ellen.
  49. Ellen DeGeneres to Host the 2014 OscarsEllen DeGeneres announced this morning via Twitter that she’ll be hosting the Oscars next year. This is the comedian/talk show host’s second […]
  50. Steve Carell Went on ‘Ellen’ Dressed as His ‘Despicable Me’ Character Here’s an example of the kind of frightening (and fun) things that happen on daytime TV when all of us are at work or napping.
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