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Elliott Smith

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    Jack Black Remembers Screwing Up Elliott Smith’s ‘Say Yes’ at a Tribute Concert“It’s like a room full of fucking Elliott Smith worshipers who just want me dead for getting one lyric wrong.”
  2. documentaries
    See 4 Minutes of an Elliott Smith DocumentaryIt will have unreleased songs.
  3. music
    Download Two Free and Remastered Elliott Smith Songs, ‘Last Call’ and ‘Twilight’A nice pickup.
  4. beef
    Elliott Smith Starts Posthumous Beef With Trent ReznorJust in case Wayne Coyne vs. Win Butler, the Edge vs. Sting, and Miley Cyrus vs. Radiohead failed to satisfy your need for completely hilarious rock beef today.
  5. right-click
    Bowie Raps! No, We Don’t Know Why!Plus: Kanye West!
  6. vulture lists
    10 Favorite Beatles Covers of All TimeVulture tests out its sexy new streaming audio player!
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    Nellie McKay Gets ReanimatedElliott Smith, Fabolous, and more!
  8. tube junkie
    Elliott Smith Gets Hand Sawed Off by Crazy Doctor
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    Amy Winehouse Fist-Fights Charles Mingus in Heaven