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  1. technology
    Ridley Scott Will Try to Convince You to Use Your Fax Machine Again“I still use fax. Steve Jobs used fax.”
  2. emails
    Olivia de Havilland Sent a Gorgeous Email About How She Doesn’t Watch Feud“Having not seen the show, I cannot make a valid comment about it.”
  3. communique
    Margaret Cho on Tilda Swinton Email ControversyThe saga continues.
  4. emails
    Celebrities, Please Share Your Emails With UsLet us hear your thoughts on guinea pigs, people!
  5. sony hack
    Channing Tatum’s Leaked Email Is GloriousThe Sony hack just keeps on giving.
  6. Marc Maron and Bob Lefsetz on the Business of PodcastsHere’s an email exchange between Marc Maron and Bob Lefsetz of The Lefsetz Letter following Lefsetz’ post on an old episode of WTF that […]
  7. Don’t Not Read This Un-Interview Without Louis C.K.In this non-interview without Louis C.K., The Rumpus fails to learn C.K.’s feelings on plants, carnival rides, and America. Simply don’t not […]
  8. e-mails
    Will Smith to Maybe Join Kathryn Bigelow’s FrontierSo says a secret Paramount e-mail.