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  1. chat room
    Dolly Wells and Emily Mortimer on Why We Can’t Stream Doll & EmThe actresses/childhood best friends had a very different dynamic on the set of their new film Good Posture.
  2. one grand books
    Emily Mortimer’s 10 Favorite BooksVladimir Nabokov, Charles Dickens, Ann Patchett, and more.
  3. movie review
    The Party Puts Its Politics Front and CenterWriter-director Sally Potter returns with a brief and darkly amusing specimen of the dinner-party-from-hell subgenre.
  4. casting couch
    Emily Mortimer Joins Disney’s Mary PoppinsShe joins Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Ben Whishaw.
  5. tv review
    Seitz on Doll & Em: The Dark Side of BFFhoodA shocking TV development: a very realistic depiction of two women’s friendship.
  6. chat room
    Emily Mortimer on Her HBO Comedy Doll & Em“Let’s just write it for ourselves. It’s hard enough to get a job.”
  7. coming attractions
    Watch Emily Mortimer in Her Curbed-Style ComedyCalled Doll and Em.
  8. Emily Mortimer Sells a Semi-Autobiographical Comedy to HBOEmily Mortimer, star of The Newsroom and Shutter Island amongst countless other things, is co-creating and starring in a new comedy that’ll be […]
  9. matt zoller seitz
    TV Review: Sorkin’s The Newsroom — Corny, But InspiringSorkin’s a common-man idealist who wouldn’t know “cool” if it ran him over with a truck.
  10. party lines
    Party Lines Slideshow: Emily Mortimer and More at the World Premiere of HugoCelebs on toys, time, and 3D glasses.
  11. Our Idiot Brother Review Round-Up: Paul Rudd, Idiot SavantSnuggle into this here hurricane-proof lean-to, ya’ll, because we’ve got to batten down the hatches for another Review Round-up! Everyone seems […]
  12. party chat
    Emily Mortimer on Martin Scorsese, Being a Horrible Driver, and Her ‘Depressing’ Hair“I’m just happy to be a film where for once I don’t have to worry about my hair, because my managers are always complaining about my hair … “
  13. Paul Rudd Is an Irresponsible Stoner in the First Trailer for Our Idiot […] Here’s the first trailer for Our Idiot Brother, which features Paul Rudd as a freewheeling stoner who’s taken in by his three sisters, played […]
  14. chat room
    Zooey Deschanel and Emily Mortimer on Sundance Stalkers and Passing the Bechdel RuleMortimer: “You had a girl who was in love with you.” Deschanel: “I could barely hear what she was saying. She was wearing bunny ears.”
  15. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Dragon Tattoo, CraigPlus: B.J. Novak signs deal to stick around ‘The Office’ for two more years.
  16. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Banks, Jones, DeschanelPlus: Vinnie Jones joins ‘The Cape.’
  17. quote machine
    Emily Mortimer to Steer Clear of Shite From Now OnPlus: Mickey Rourke on Genghis Khan, dog lover.
  18. quote machine
    Shia LaBeouf Went Method for Wall Street 2Plus: 50 Cent has finally lost his mind.
  19. Jessica Simpson Is RightPlus: Gerard Butler is getting Benjamin Button–ed.
  20. party lines
    Mortimer and Jackman at the City Island Premiere“I don’t deserve to be working in this industry.”
  21. chat room
    Emily Mortimer on Shutter Island“I haven’t been to see it yet because I’m so scared of the infanticide.”
  22. up all night
    Kutcher, Moore, Aniston, Crudup and Others Kick Off 24 Hour Play FestivalReady or not, the actors hit the stage tomorrow at 8 p.m.
  23. quote machine
    What the Hell Is Tori Amos Talking About?Plus: David Duchovny on Fox Mulder, and Rainn Wilson on Michael Bay.
  24. the industry
    The Twelve Labors of Peter BergPlus: George Lucas wants to screw around with the entire ‘Star Wars’ series. Again.
  25. the industry
    Dame Helen Mirren Now Also a MadamPlus industry news on Marisa Tomei, Eric Idle, and Albert Einstein.
  26. quote machine
    George Lucas Tells Critics Where to Stick ItPlus: Quotes from Emily Mortimer and Joss Whedon!
  27. trailer mix
    ‘Lars and the Real Girl’: Ryan Gosling Loses His MindGiven that it’s written by Six Feet Under’s Nancy Oliver and stars our all-time favorite portrayer of a history-teaching crackhead, we’re willing to give Lars and the Real Girl the benefit of the doubt — but it’s a pretty big doubt.
  28. the industry
    Jessica Alba Loves Ice Hockey, Mike MyersPlus industry news on Watchmen, Liev Schreiber, amd Takashi Murakami.