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Emmanuel Lubezki

  1. endurance test
    You Can Now Spend Your Entire Life Watching The Tree of LifeInstead of a director’s cut, it’s basically an entirely new movie.
  2. party chats
    3 Times Emmanuel Lubezki Got Emotional With Director Alfonso Cuarón“I’m soft.” 
  3. oscars 2016
    How Historic Will It Be If Emmanuel Lubezki Wins His 3rd Straight Oscar? The Revenant cinematographer is the front-runner for the Best Cinematography trophy.
  4. asca awards
    Revenant’s Lubezki Tops Cinematography AwardsThis is Lubezki’s third consecutive win and fifth overall.
  5. vulture lists
    9 Long Movie Tracking ShotsBirdman comes off as one two-hour-long shot.
  6. how to make a movie
    How Malick and Cuarón’s D.P. Got These 5 ShotsFeaturing Gravity, The Tree of Life, and Children of Men.