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Emmys 2012

  1. emmys 2012
    Watch Breaking Bad’s Walter Jr’s Emmy Video DiaryThe show might not have won best drama, but that doesn’t mean the cast didn’t have a good time.
  2. challah back
    Mandy Patinkin, Challah: Now With Actual BreadBread hands, actually.
  3. last night on late night
    Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Eric Stonestreet CampaignPlus: Giancarlo Esposito had expected to channel “Mr. Perdue” for Gus on Breaking Bad, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  4. party chat
    The Emmy Parties: Vulture’s Epic and Juicy TimelineClaire Danes, Lena Dunham, Elisabeth Moss, and more.
  5. tv ratings
    Emmys: A Meh Broadcast Earns Meh RatingsUp a little overall, but a record low with the folks under 50.
  6. emmys 2012
    The Best Frozen Moments From the 2012 EmmysRelive the immobile glory with Jon Hamm, Amy Poehler, and Max “Schmidt” Greenfield’s cameo as a Tracy Morgan dragger.
  7. winners and losers
    Mad Men Went 0 for 17 at the EmmysThat’s a record.
  8. awards shows
    Emmys 2012: the Good, the Bad, and the StrangeJimmy Kimmel, we wanted more from you.
  9. clickables
    See Giancarlo Esposito With Vulture’s Gus Fring Mask at the EmmysYes!
  10. kudos
    Emmys 2012: Your Complete List of WinnersHomeland! Modern Family!
  11. emmys 2012
    See All the Red Carpet Looks at the 2012 Emmy Awards Check out the hits and misses in tonight’s slideshow, which we’ll be updating throughout the evening.
  12. live blog
    Matt Zoller Seitz Live-Blogs the EmmysAre you watching TV’s biggest night with Vulture’s TV critic? Or is Vulture’s TV critic watching TV’s biggest night with you? Either way, this is where you want to be.
  13. kudos
    Join Us for Full Emmys CoverageMatt Zoller Seitz live-blogs, fancy dresses are ogled, and much more.
  14. matt zoller seitz
    Seitz: The Five Emmy Races I’m Most Excited ForIt’s not boring if you pull for certain people or shows.
  15. emmys 2012
    Homeland’s Mandy Patinkin on His Bad Old TV Show and His Great New One“The biggest public mistake I ever made was that I chose to do Criminal Minds,” says the Homeland star.
  16. last night on late night
    Julie Bowen: Sofia Vergara’s Future Emmy SpeechPlus: The shooting of season five of Parks and Recreation began with a “creepy” adventure for Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  17. fall tv 2012
    Vulture Diagnoses TV’s Most Notable Anti-heroesWe had a UCLA-affiliated psychiatrist diagnose, and prescribe treatments for, TV’s most compellingly mental characters.
  18. emmys 2012
    Baranski on Being a Ten-Time Emmy NomineeThe Good Wife star just keeps getting discovered.
  19. emmys 2012
    Watch Parker Posey Play an Acting Coach“So awkward and scary!”
  20. awards
    Game of Thrones Dominated Last Night’s Creative EmmysIt came away with six awards — twice as much as any other show. 
  21. roundtable
    Roundtable: Ex-Mad Men StarsHow do you readjust to life outside of Sterling Cooper?
  22. tv
    Seitz: How the Best Shows Are Turning Viewers Into Shrinks2011 was the season of TV on the couch.
  23. mistakes were made
    Emmy Voters Were Accidentally Sent the Wrong Episodes of New GirlZooey Deschanel and Max Greenfield’s episodes were switched. Eek!
  24. emmys 2012
    See Jimmy Kimmel As the Dowager CountessThat’s just wrong.
  25. emmys 2012
    Check Out Joe Manganiello’s Plumber Butt in a Star-Studded Emmy PromoWhoa, is this the eighties?
  26. emmys 2012
    New Girl’s Schmidt on His Favorite EpisodeIt’s the one where Schmidt joins the drum circle.
  27. emmys 2012
    Modern Family’s Mitchell Picks His Favorite EpCan you guess what it is?
  28. emmys 2012
    Mad Men’s Lane on His Favorite Season 5 EpisodeCan you guess what it is?
  29. emmys 2012
    Merritt Wever’s Favorite Nurse Jackie EpisodeCan you guess what it is?
  30. emmys 2012
    Hugh Bonneville’s Favorite Season 2 Downton EpCan you guess what it is?
  31. emmys 2012
    Baranski’s Favorite Season 3 Good Wife EpisodeCan you guess what it is?
  32. emmys 2012
    Jim Parsons’s Favorite Season 5 Big Bang EpisodeCan you guess what it is?
  33. emmys 2012
    Jon Hamm’s Favorite Season 5 Episode of Mad MenCan you guess which one it is?
  34. house of lies
    Watch Ben Schwartz Sh*t-Talk Don CheadleJean-Ralphio goes off.
  35. last night on late night
    Aaron Paul, More Pressured to Win Second EmmyPlus: Mike Tyson realized he needed voice lessons when Siri couldn’t understand him, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  36. emmys 2012
    Connie Britton Thanked Ryan Murphy This MorningShe was the first person he talked to about American Horror Story’s seventeen nominations.
  37. chat room
    Mayim Bialik May Feel Awkward at the Emmys“I don’t even do well at cocktail parties.”
  38. emmys 2012
    Can Broadcast Networks Ever Compete Again in the Emmys?And does it matter?
  39. chat room
    Max Greenfield Might Get Us True American Rules“I can see what I can do.”
  40. emmys 2012
    Seitz on the 2012 Emmy Nominations: Favorites and SnubsBitching about the Emmy nominations is a beloved tradition, but it’s hard to get too worked up because TV is so creatively healthy right now.
  41. emmys 2012
    Fifteen Weird and Surprising Tidbits From the 2012 Emmy NominationsAdventure Time and Childrens Hospital, yes. The Office, no.
  42. chat room
    Girls’ Lena Dunham on Celebrating Her Emmy Nods With BurritosAlso, she’s obsessed with our Girls paper dolls. (Bragging!)
  43. chat room
    Breaking Bad Giancarlo Esposito on His Emmy Nod“I would hope Gus comes back in Walt’s dreams.”
  44. emmys 2012
    Emmy Nominations: A Journey Through Our EmotionsParks and Rec got snubbed, but hey, Gus from Breaking Bad!
  45. awards
    The 2012 Emmy Nominations Are HereIt’s a big day for Downton Abbey.
  46. emmys 2012
    Showrunner Survey: Veep Boss Armando IannucciIn his alternate ending, things don’t get better for Ned Stark.
  47. emmys 2012
    Showrunner Survey: The Office’s Paul LiebersteinAnd he doesn’t believe in raising the TV dead.
  48. emmys 2012
    Showrunner Survey: Modern Family’s Chris LloydWhy a network suit’s idea for a Frasier episode turned him off to crossover episodes.
  49. emmys 2012
    Showrunner Survey: Homeland’s Alex GansaWho’d make a great Idol judge?
  50. emmys 2012
    Showrunner Survey: Suburgatory’s Emily KapnekIn which we learn how her parents used The Muppets as a disciplinary tool
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