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Emmys 2013

  1. party chat
    Bobby Cannavale Gave His Emmy to His Mother Of course he did.
  2. ban nip slips
    Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon Reflect on her Emmy Nip SlipDon’t get too excited. 
  3. emmys 2013
    Merritt Wever on Her Very Short, Very Memorable Emmys Speech“My mind went blank and it seemed like things were quiet for a really long time.”
  4. party chat
    The Emmy Parties: Vulture’s Behind-the-Scenes TimelineFeaturing Vince Gilligan, Claire Danes, and a dancing Sofia Vergara.
  5. emmys 2013
    The Best Frozen Moments From the 2013 EmmysAll the weird seating arrangements, unintentional glances, and unplanned reaction shots from last night’s show.
  6. emmys 2013
    The Highs and Lows of the 2013 EmmysMostly lows.
  7. emmys 2013
    Watch This Insane Emmys Dance NumberWe’re not exactly sure what’s happening here.
  8. emmys 2013
    Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul’s Massive Emmys HugThey did it! Congratulations Breaking Bad.
  9. kudos
    The 2013 Emmy WinnersHere’s a complete list of who won.
  10. emmys 2013
    Is Kevin Spacey Having the Best Night at the Emmys?Next year’s host, Kevin Spacey? Think about it.
  11. emmys 2013
    Watch Edie Falco’s Tearful Emmy Tribute to James GandolfiniLike all the other many tributes at this year’s Emmy Awards, this too is sad.
  12. emmys 2013
    Watch the Muppet/Oprah-Starring Comedy Variety Series Emmy Nominee VideoAlso, President Obama.
  13. emmys 2013
    Who Was That Mystery Emmys Side-Stepper?If it was a bit, it was a good one.
  14. emmys 2013
    Neil Patrick Harris Finally Dances, Does an Incredible FlipIt’s incredible.
  15. emmys 2013
    Watch Jane Lynch’s Emotional Tribute to Glee’s Cory MonteithIt’s sad.
  16. emmys 2013
    See Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Hilarious Emmy SpeechWith Gary by her side.
  17. emmys 2013
    Two GIFs That Prove Why Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Should Host EverythingWe’re all in agreement here, right?
  18. emmys 2013
    Matt Zoller Seitz Live-Blogs the 2013 EmmysWatch the ceremony with our TV critic, won’t you?
  19. emmys 2013
    See Lena Dunham and Claire Danes Fake Make-Out Because They Love Each OtherOn the red carpet, because they love and respect each other.
  20. emmys 2013
    Watch Tina Fey Get Adorably Hoisted Up on the Emmys Red CarpetTina Fey doesn’t walk up to podiums.
  21. emmys 2013
    See All the Looks at the 2013 Emmys Red CarpetSee TV stars in the designer clothes (most of) their characters can’t afford.
  22. emmys 2013
    The Fug Girls Live-Blog the Emmys Red CarpetTime to study dresses with the scrutiny of an electron mani-cam.
  23. emmys 2013
    Join Vulture for the EmmysLive blogs! Tweeting! GIFs! Side-eye spotting!
  24. snubs
    The Best Shows and Stars You Won’t See at the EmmysOne last raging at the snubbing of The Americans, Southland, Chris Pratt, and more.
  25. kudos
    Emmys: Who Should Win in Late-Night and Reality?What’s a Colbert gotta do?
  26. emmys 2013
    Seitz: The Five Emmy Races I’m Most Excited ForCome on, Jon Hamm!
  27. emmys 2013
    Watch Neil Patrick Harris’s Best Awards-Hosting MomentsIn anticipation of his Emmys gig this Sunday, here’s a supercut of the veteran emcee at his best.
  28. emmys 2013
    Emmys: Who Should Win in the Miniseries or Movie Races?American Horror Story, Top of the Lake, Behind the Candelabra — lots of good choices.
  29. breaking bad
    George R.R. Martin Weighs In on Breaking BadOn his LiveJournal: “Walter White is a bigger monster than anyone in Westeros. (I need to do something about that.)”
  30. kudos
    Emmys: Who Should Win in the Drama Races?Lots of Mad Men. Lots of Breaking Bad. Not a lot of Downton Abbey.
  31. emmys 2013
    Emmys: Who Should Win in the Comedy Races?Come on, 30 Rock.
  32. kudos
    Bob Newhart, Heidi Klum Win First EmmysScandal’s Dan Bucantinsky won, too.
  33. party chat
    Neil Patrick Harris Won’t Open the Emmys With Song and Dance“It won’t be quite so live and theatrical as the Tonys.”
  34. emmys 2013
    Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Fave Modern Family S4 Ep“Never close your eyes on the court!”
  35. emmys 2013
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Favorite Veep EpisodeRunning into glass doors, getting stoned.
  36. emmys 2013
    Emmy Watch: Kerry Washington’s Favorite Scandal Trapped in a closet.
  37. my favorite episode
    Linda Cardellini’s Favorite Mad Men Episode Can you guess what it is?
  38. vulture analysis
    Emmy Analysis: Despite Netflix’s Breakthrough, Voters Are Still StarstruckWhat’s in a name? An Emmy nomination, most likely.
  39. chat room
    Benedict Cumberbatch on His Emmy Nomination and Loving Matt Damon“My biggest wish is to hang out with him!”
  40. emmys 2013
    30 Rock Composer on ‘The Rural Juror’ NominationPlus, what he and Tina Fey were doing this morning.
  41. joys and disappointments
    Seitz on the 2013 Emmy Nominations: Favorites and SnubsThe Americans got played! House of Cards probably got more nominations than it deserved.
  42. chat room
    Bill Hader on His Emmy Nomination and What Stefon Would Tell Him to Wear“He’d probably want me to wear, just, trash.”
  43. chat room
    Carrie Brownstein on Her Emmy Nomination“My dog Toby is just so excited about this Emmy nomination!”
  44. emmys 2013
    9 Surprising and Fun Tidbits From the 2013 Emmy NominationsThat “Rural Juror” song better win a damn award.
  45. emmys 2013
    Netflix Chief on Emmys: ‘Change Comes Slowly’Netflix today became the first digitally distributed outlet to score an Emmy nomination in the series categories.
  46. reactions
    2013 Emmy Nominations: A Journey Through Our Many EmotionsExcitement! And sorrow.
  47. emmys 2013
    The 2013 Emmy Nominations Are HereWe’ll be updating as the awards get announced.
  48. hosts with the mosts
    Neil Patrick Harris Will Host the EmmysFor the second time.