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  1. last night on late night
    Anne Hathaway Fully Breaks Into Tears While Talking Drag Race With RuPaulShe loves Monét X Change!
  2. dogs
    Tom Hardy Wrote a Long Tribute to His Dead Dog WoodyThere’s also a YouTube video.
  3. gilmore girls
    Gilmore Girls to End With the Secret Four WordsIn four short words, Amy Sherman-Palladino will eviscerate our hearts.
  4. emotions
    Watch Inside Out Without the Inside PartsWhere do we put all these feels?
  5. emotions
    A Very Emotional Shot-by-Shot Reaction to the Star Wars TeaserYou win, Disney.
  6. emotions
    Jack White Displayed Emotion During a Baseball Game AgainHappy! (Sort of.)
  7. emotions
    Watch Just How Sad Drew Barrymore Can GetThis video shows the many ways she can weep, bawl, sniffle, and scream. So very sad.