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  1. spoilers
    Decoding The OA: Part II’s Extremely Meta EndingIt’s the most OA thing The OA: Part II could possibly have done.
  2. So, What Did You Think of the End of Last Night’s Episode of ‘The Office?’ Last night’s episode of The Office took a surprising turn in the last few moments. For those who missed it, Jim and Pam had an emotional […]
  3. Matt Groening Ending ‘Life in Hell’ After 32 YearsSo, apparently Groening is able to end very long running things he’s involved with – who knew? The 1669th and last Life in Hell ran last […]
  4. ‘Weeds’ Is Officially Entering Its Last SeasonThe upcoming eighth season of Weeds will be the show’s last. Weeds really pioneered Showtime’s definitive brand of protagonist driven […]