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  1. John Oliver Makes Some Official Endorsements on ‘Last Week Tonight’Last Week Tonight is still on break, but in the meantime, the show uploaded a new web exclusive over the weekend where John Oliver decides it’s […]
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    Jon Voight Endorses Donald Trump“He’s an answer to our problems.”
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    Simpsons Billionaire Montgomery Burns Endorses Mitt RomneyBy trotting out Seamus the Roof Dog.
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    NFL Mulling Endorsement of Costner Football FilmDraft Day, about a down-on-his-luck Buffalo Bills GM, would star Costner and be directed by Ivan Reitman.
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    That Ron Paul Endorsement Didn’t Actually Help Kelly Clarkson’s SalesGood try, Ron.
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    George Clooney Wanted Gosling for Sexiest Man Alive“He really wants it.”
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    Two and a Half Men Is Notorious Incest Criminal’s Favorite Show“It relaxes me, I need to laugh. Because it destroys the soul, if you are always sad.”
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    Against Me! Wins World’s Least Coveted Endorsement“Leno Calls Against Me! One Of The Best Punk Bands Ever.”
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    Can Letterman Help Brothers Out at the Oscars?Dave: “I don’t remember when I saw a movie that I was this impressed with … It’s the finest movie made in the last twelve, twenty years.”
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    Sadly, the Real Michael Bay Doesn’t Melt When Exposed to the SunHe did it just to get closer to the green-M&M lady, right?