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Enter The Void

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    See a Frame-by-Frame Breakdown of Enter the Void’s Hallucinatory Opening CreditsIf you can’t withstand the credits sequence of Gaspar Noé’s trippy movie at its original, seizure-inducing speed, maybe this is a better option.
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    Gaspar Noé on Why Enter the Void Is Avatar for the Art Crowd: Both Are ‘Like Taking Drugs’“‘Avatar’ is very mind-blowing — or eye-blowing, maybe — especially in 3-D.”
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    Movie Review: For a Good Time, Don’t Enter the VoidBombastic visionary Gaspar Noé delivers another marathon of unpleasantness.
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    Enter the Void Trailer: Things to Screw in Tokyo When You’re DeadWe’re sold.
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    Vulture Premieres the Poster for Gaspar Noé’s Enter the VoidSee the poster!
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    Sundance: Gaspar Noe On Enter the Void, Avatar, and Magic Mushrooms“I’m sure he must have done some ‘mental research’ before he made that movie.”