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  1. trump tape
    Nancy O’Dell Addresses Trump Tape Scandal“There is no room for objectification of women … not even in the locker room.”
  2. nancy o’dell
    Nancy O’Dell Reportedly to Host ET MondayIt’s unknown if she’ll address the tape.
  3. reunited and it feels so good
    ‘Mean’ Joe Greene Reunites With 1980 Coke Ad KidMean Joe Greene? More like Extremely Nice Mean Joe Greene!
  4. jobs
    Michael Jackson’s Son Is Now a Reporter for Entertainment TonightPrince Michael Jackson started with a James Franco interview.
  5. ted williams
    Find Out What Ted Williams Has Been Up ToTed Williams is doing just fine, wearing performance fleece and splaying out, nude, by the fireplace!
  6. Horrible Entertainment Tonight Goes On-Set with The Hangover Part II God, Entertainment Tonight. Watching even 90 seconds of this show makes me hate movies and the entire entertainment industry and feel like I […]
  7. tv
    Nancy O’Dell Will Replace Mary Hart on Entertainment TonightAnd now we know why she left ‘Access Hollywood.’
  8. hello good-bye
    Mary Hart Out, Lara Spencer In at Entertainment TonightHart retires after 29 years.
  9. regifting
    Tom Cruise Receives Bizarre Gift From Entertainment TonightThe only thing more awkward to accept would’ve been striped pajamas.
  10. tube junkie
    Tom Cruise’s New Movie Flops on ‘Entertainment Tonight’Led by Nikki Finke over at Deadline Hollywood, the movie industry is buzzing over Tom Cruise’s first film for the newly relaunched United Artists, Lions for Lambs, a political thriller coming out in November. Starring Cruise, Meryl Streep, and Robert Redford, and directed by Redford, the movie — about the Stateside debate caused by the wounding of two Army Rangers behind enemy lines in Afghanistan — certainly has pedigree and brains to spare. So why did Cruise and UA’s publicity machine debut the film’s teaser on Entertainment Tonight, where the full ET synthesizer-and-voice-over treatment makes it seem totally stupid?