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  1. right-click
    Listen to ‘Rise Up,’ Beyoncé’s Song From the Epic SoundtrackIt’s like “Colors of the Wind,” but by Beyoncé.
  2. box office gold
    Fast and Furious 6 Races to Top of Record-Breaking Holiday Box OfficeGet ready for the seventh installment.
  3. movie review
    Movie Review: Epic Is a Derivative Slog Through the ForestLeaf-people and people-people in this animated tale of forest adventure.
  4. epic
    Watch the Trailer for EpicAre we allowed to be this excited for an animated movie?
  5. jay-z
    Jay-Z Reportedly Signing Deals With EverybodyHe’s either close to a deal with Epic or close to a deal with Warner — or both! — depending on whom you believe.