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  1. confidence
    Actress Totally Comfortable Being Directed by Her Grandfather While NakedYou do what you have to for the stage.
  2. news reel
    Anna, If You’re Reading This, Daniel Radcliffe Would Like You to Reconsider That Tattoo’Because one day, she might not like me as much as she does now, and then that day, the tattoo will become a regret.’
  3. apropos of nothing
    ‘Billy Elliot’ Outselling Buzzy ‘Equus’ Three to One?’Everybody’s tightening their belts,’ says a producer. Ha! Not Daniel Radcliffe!
  4. apropos of nothing
    Vulture Exclusive: ‘Equus’ Star Richard Griffiths Without a Shirt OnTickets for ‘Equus’ go on sale Monday, and publicists have been sending out topless photos of Daniel Radcliffe. Yawn.
  5. the industry
    Sarah Jessica Parker to Play Not–Carrie BradshawPlus: Kate Mulgrew joins Harry Potter’s wang onstage, and Aidan Quinn and Rutger Hauer get a TV show.
  6. news reel
    Richard Griffiths Harbors No Illusions About His WinkleDaniel Radcliffe’s ‘Equus’ co-star knows whose winkle sells the tickets.
  7. the industry
    Tobey Maguire Just Might Be Mr. Good EnoughPlus: Harry Potter’s wang confirmed for Broadway, and Disney already working on ‘High School Musical 4.’
  8. the industry
    Jennifer Connelly and Keanu Reeves Stop the WorldPlus industry news about Radiohead, Sheryl Crow, and the Decemberists.
  9. quote machine
    Michael Douglas Realistic About His ChancesPlus quotes from Kristen Wiig, Daniel Radcliffe, and Tina Fey.
  10. the industry
    George Clooney’s Brand Is Politics