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  1. last night on late night
    Jon Stewart, Jonathan Van Ness, Eric Andre Help Sam Bee Sing a Song of EggnogThe “Don’t They Know It’s Christmas?” parody was part of Full Frontal’s very special special Christmas on I.C.E.
  2. Derrick Beckles and Eric Andre’s New Show Looks Insane and DisgustingFeaturing Fred Durst as “DJ Durst.”
  3. ‘Soft Focus with Jena Friedman’ and ‘Eric Andre Does Paris’ Air on Adult […]Jena Friedman and Eric Andre both have 15-minute specials premiering on Adult Swim next month. First up is the Friedman special the network […]
  4. Abbi Jacobson, Eric Andre, and Nat Faxon Join Matt Groening’s Animated […]Last year it was reported that Simpsons creator Matt Groening had a new animated series in the works at Netflix, and today the voice cast for […]
  5. Adult Swim Orders a Jena Friedman Special and New Show from Eric Andre and […]Adult Swim just announced two new live-action comedy projects: a 15-minute series from Eric Andre and Derrick Beckles, and a special from […]
  6. last night on late night
    Rosario Dawson Is Happy With Eric Andre, Could’ve Done Without Providing ProofThey journal together, for heaven’s sake.
  7. Eric Andre and Mike O’Brien Get Intimate on ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’truTV released a brand new episode of Mike O’Brien’s 7 Minutes in Heaven today, where he spends some extra special quality time in the closet […]
  8. beefin'
    Absurd Human Flavor Flav Has Beef With Eric André’s Absurd HumorFlavor Flav to André: “F*CK YOU for that move gee.”
  9. Eric Andre Went Too Long Without ShoweringIt was part of his whole Eraserhead, North Korean–hostage aesthetic. 
  10. Jon Glaser and Brett Gelman Made a Live Episode of ‘You Made It Weird’ […] Pod-Canon is an ongoing tribute to the greatest individual comedy-related podcast episodes of all time. When Pete Holmes invited Eric […]
  11. awkward interviews
    Eric Andre’s Nardwuar Interview Is a Pretty Awkward 15-Minute Experience“I feel like I’m talking but you’re not listening and I feel very vulnerable right now.”
  12. Here’s What Happens When Vigilante Art Critic Eric André Is Set Loose in NYCOf course the cops showed up.
  13. last night on late night
    Flying Lotus Checks His Emails Like a DJ on ‘The Eric Andre Show’Basically a rave.
  14. Notaro, Morgan, Maron, Minchin, Maher and Many More to Headline New York […] The New York Comedy Festival has announced a handful of headliners for this year’s 18th annual event, and they’re big, with Tig Notaro at […]
  15. Witness the Rapper Ninja Warrior ChallengeA snake pit, a pair of dirty underwear, and some swinging balls.
  16. Eric Andre’s ‘Rapper Ninja Warrior’ Is Absolutely BrilliantHere’s a little bit of barely controlled chaos from the upcoming season of The Eric Andre Show: Rapper Ninja Warrior, where rappers must make […]
  17. Eric Andre and Hannibal Buress Are Back in the Season 4 ‘Eric Andre Show’ […]Season 4 of The Eric Andre Show premieres on Adult Swim next week, and today the network released the first trailer. Jack McBrayer, Kelly […]
  18. 2016 rnc
    Here’s Eric Andre Trolling Alex Jones and the Entire Republican Convention“I want you to have sex with my wife.”
  19. Eric Andre Proves That Black Lives Bladder at the RNCSeason 4 of The Eric Andre Show is still two weeks away, but thankfully Adult Swim has made the wait a lot easier in the form of a new video […]
  20. ‘The Eric Andre Show’ Season 4 to Feature Jack McBrayer, Amber Rose, Howie […]A new season of The Eric Andre Show is right around the corner, and today Entertainment Weekly revealed the season 4 guest lineup: Jack […]
  21. Season 4 of ‘The Eric Andre Show’ Premieres on Adult Swim August 5thAt long last, the new season of The Eric Andre Show has a premiere date. According to Entertainment Weekly, season 4 premieres on Adult Swim […]
  22. Eric André Treats His Talk Show like a Temp Job Eric André is erratic jazz. He’s polarizing. If you get it, you love it; if you don’t, you leave the room confused. His talk show The Eric […]
  23. Eric Andre and Conan O’Brien Leave Seth Rogen a Voicemail on ‘Conan’Seth Rogen was understandably a little upset with Eric Andre after he apparently displayed his real phone number on the screen during an […]
  24. Hannibal Buress Takes Over ‘The Eric Andre Show’ TonightWhen The Eric Andre Show airs tonight at 12:15am, the roles of host and sidekick will finally be reversed when Hannibal Buress takes over for a […]
  25. Eric Andre Gets Naked (Again) on Natasha Leggero’s Web Show Natasha Leggero may have the only talk show that’s nearly as crazy as Eric Andre’s. Andre visited Leggero’s JASH web series Tubbin’ with Tash […]
  26. Eric Andre’s List of Band Names Is SpectacularComedian Eric Andre has a website — ericsbandnames.com — where he’s listed 300+ really funny band names he’s come up with. I looked […]
  27. T.J. Miller One-Ups Eric Andre’s Crazy ‘Attack of the Show!’ Appearance Comedian Eric Andre had an out-of-control appearance on G4’s recently-canceled series Attack of the Show! Wednesday, which resulted in him […]