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Eric Holder

  1. the law
    The Biggest Revelations From the Unsealed Nipsey Hussle Murder Case DocsHis last words were “You got me.”
  2. Claudia Rankine: Serena, Indian Wells, and Race“You want history to be forced to adjust itself in terms of the past.”
  3. The Colbert Report Explains Due Process: ‘A Process That You Do’ Mmm, nothing like a good old-fashioned Word. In this edition, Stephen explains that executing an American citizen is perfectly legal as long […]
  4. the wire
    Attorney General Eric Holder Wants Another Season of The WireJoin the club, Holder.
  5. piracy
    U.S. Government Gets Serious About PiracyBiden: “To state it very bluntly, piracy hurts.”