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  1. Eric McCormack on What Society Expects From Sitcoms“If you have a family sitcom that’s what it is, it’s a family and nobody’s supposed to get divorced.”
  2. vulture lists
    Which Will & Grace Star Has the Best Post-Show Career?Life after an era-defining sitcom is never easy.
  3. tribeca tv festival
    Before Returning to Will & Grace, Debra Messing Asked That Grace ‘Be a Feminist’When Megan Mullally was asked if she wanted to change anything about her character, she answered simply: “No.”
  4. resets
    The Will & Grace Revival Will Pretend That Finale Never HappenedWhen the show returns, Will and Grace will be happily (?) single and still living together.
  5. tributes
    Debra Messing, Will & Grace Cast Remember Their Co-star Debbie Reynolds“RIP Bobbie Adler.”
  6. The ‘Will & Grace’ Cast Reunited for a Special Episode About the ElectionIt’s been ten years since Will & Grace ended its run on NBC, and thanks to a new video, we now know how Grace, Will, Karen, and Jack feel about […]
  7. reunions
    Will & Grace Is Coming Back. How? Don’t Ask Questions; It’s Just Back“We’re baaaaaaack!”
  8. Every Network Should Pick-Up Stephen Colbert’s ‘Pussy Hound’ PilotThe Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30cStephen’s Straight Sitcom “Pussy Hound” - Eric McCormackwww.colbertnation.comColbert Report Full […]
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    Eric McCormack on The Best Man, Channeling Don Draper, and Looking 35 Forever“Skin products are our friends.”
  10. theater review
    Theater Review: The Best Man Is NecessaryA play that’s fit to govern our attention for three-plus hours.
  11. casting call
    Eric McCormack’s Perception Adds Freddie RodriguezHe’ll have a two-episode arc.
  12. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Lost Producers Relocate to Small Town MainePlus: CBS is ready for Eugene Levy and Rob Schneider.
  13. cancellations
    Trust Me CannedDespite generally strong reviews and a product-placement-friendly premise, the show won’t be back next year.
  14. chat room
    Alien Trespass’s Eric McCormack on Playing Possessed“The walk, the hands, the voice, and of course the erection that keeps happening, those were all just somebody trying to understand a machine that it needs to get around.”
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    Don’t Look for Rob Zombie to Start Directing Costume Dramas Anytime SoonPlus: Kanye asks why people just won’t let him be great.
  16. the early word
    Pilot Preview: TNT’s ‘Truth in Advertising’ Is the Will & Ed ShowTwo sitcom lawyers return, in an ad-agency drama.
  17. the industry
    The Next Stage in David Hasselhoff’s Career Resurrection Has BegunPlus industry news on Robert Redford, Martin Scorsese, and Snoop Dogg.
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    Dita Von Teese Dishes Practical AdviceBobby Brown, Kanye West, and more!